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♓️Pisces Season General 2/19-3/20🔱 Ya’ll feeling this love bug energy? There’s heat *and* there’s romance, so if you’ve been apart from your significant other, expect intimate time together, in a tangible way. I’m seeing lots of communication, and a whole lot of happiness here. You might’ve had a great deal of difficulty in getting time with your person, or your person has had a lot going on, and now it’s clearing up for you to be together. So celebrate the good times this season, because fortunately, all of us can enjoy this energy 🥰 Sending much love and a happy birthday to all of the Pisceans, Sun or Moon children, and may we all see and feel the love in our lives, and turn our passion toward creating new things, in love. Blessings! ❤️🌊🐚 🗣️Telepathy🫂 I do this between you and your person. It can be fun.. but it can also be offensive as heck. Please judge your own situation before I read, because that’s going to give you an indication of how it’s going to feel when we connect and I talk to your person *with* you. I will not *argue* with your person for you in live time, to be clear. Another note about telepathy I want to give is this: I do not insert thoughts into your persons mind like an angry alien lol. These conversations happen organically, and only *if* your person wants to participate in your reading. If they’re present, that should tell you something about how they feel about you 💯 🎛Timelines📬 I do offer timelines when available. If a timeline is given to me it will typically come in a range of time in the form of a sign or two’s season. This can come through as Sun *or* Moon time. Be aware that sometimes there is no timeline available because there is an outcome different than you expect and that may be a part of the message conveyed to you. 🌬Mediumship🥀 Sometimes you may have a question for a departed loved one that you want answered… I am available to answer those questions. Be aware that your loved one will most likely want to talk about something other than what you’re focused on but trust and believe that it’s important for them to bring it up and that there is a connection to your concern. 😳Third Party Readings💭 When asking about someone who is with someone, or you’re with someone, please give me one question at a time before moving forward. The more organized we are, the more we’ll be able to cover. Outcomes can go a variety of ways in these readings. Keep in mind, my intention is not to upset you, but I will tell you the truth, and I can’t see who is in what role, unless you validate that for me. Trust I am not trying to offend you, just describe what I’m getting impressions of, so that you can know what I’m talking about, and we can move from there. 💰Manifesting💚 Per Purple Ocean guidelines, I cannot offer spellwork for any situation, however, what I can do is work with you on how to manifest specific outcomes in your life. Whether it’s a focus on work, family, romance, or self-care, I can give you channeled direction on what next steps *you* can take to reach the outcome you’re looking for. As with anything though, be aware that when you get what you asked for you may decide you want something else. That’s more than okay, that’s life. This is just a reminder that desire is a continuous urge and that you will always “want” for something until united with Source. Channeled direction might be outside of the scope of what you think is related to your subject… trust that it connects, and watch the changes in your life. 🧐Spiritual Diagnosis👺 I do not connect directly with entities set on disturbing your peace, my peace, or generally being a nuisance! Don’t ask me for that. You already know who you’re dealing with! However, if you *don’t* know what’s going on or what energy is surrounding you or someone close to you, we can work together. What I do is look into the energy of the experience and advise you on what action you can take (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically) to move from chaos to peace. 🛤 🗺Direction On Your Spiritual Path⛽️ Sometimes we all need reassurance that we’re headed in the right direction. Sometimes we can’t see how what we’ve done before or what we’re doing now could possibly be leading us to where our heart is telling us to go. I offer signs of confirmation that the choices you’re making are the right ones and what to be on the lookout for in the future. Also, if you’ve been feeling the call to utilize your spiritual gifts I can point you in the direction of what would be the best use of your energy at present to focus on. It might be what you already know but haven’t wanted to do, heads up.


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