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When you connect with me, you not only connect with your favorite reader! You will connect to your new truest friend. I am here to guide you and tell you the truth in love, career, friendships, family, and more. I can tap into the energies effortlessly and give you the answers you need. I won't always tell you what you want to hear, so know that now. If you want to be hugged and supported then I am your person. But if you want to be lied to, just to get a good review, then I am not the reader for you. I don't live for ratings here. I'm not here to make just a living. I'm here to actually get you your dream life. Which means if things look crappy, no matter what, if you follow my guidance you can start living your best life TODAY! ***NOTE*** Timelines are never guaranteed. If I give you a timeline, it is because of what I see in the current energies. Energies change based on a lot of factors which means we change into different realities and outcomes. especially if you're the type that wavers or has doubts. ***NOTE*** I do not look at physical appearances if you're asking for general soulmate/love. I tap into their energy and soul level. I can tell you their personality traits and possible star sign if spirit allows me to see that. Otherwise ages, occupation, and looks and any other earthly trait will not be always given in my readings.


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Tarot readings

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