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About my services

I offer private video tarot/oracle readings that are unique and different from the rest! I specialize in relationships, spirituality, love, the LGBTQ+ community, and messages from past loved ones. I strive to always leave my client feeling empowered and having the tools in order to manifest the life that they want! it's not just tarot and predictions with me, I also want to be a life coach for you and uncover the subconscious blockages that are hindering your goals. I also incorporate music as therapy and guidance during my live readings as well. The more details I have about the situation, the more magick we can incorporate into your life and get you one step closer to manifesting the life you deserve! ONLY 2 QUESTIONS PER RUSH ORDER PLEASE! I only have 3 min per video :) 🗣CHAT ORDERS🗣: PLEASE ALLOW ME TIME TO SHUFFLE AND DECIPHER CARDS AFTER A QUESTION. FOR EVERY 5 MIN, I CAN ONLY DO 2 QUESTIONS WITH 1 CLARIFIER EACH. 🙏PLEASE PLEASE🙏 DO NOT LEAVE OUT ANY IMPORTANT INFORMATION THAT IS PERTINENT TO THE READING I WILL PROVIDE SINCE TIME IS LIMITED. HELP ME HELP YOU 🙏 🙂 TIME FRAMES: The future is always changing due to free will so time frames are NOT set in stone


Love readings, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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