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I am an intuitive tarot card reader who offers guidance through the cards and my own intuition. ❌Please don’t ask any questions regarding medical or legal concerns❌ ❗️Please make sure your question is clear.❗️ ❗️Please don’t test the psychic! In order to give an accurate reading, I need as much background as possible. Help me help you.❗️ ❗️I will try my best to answer any further questions or concerns in the comments, but I can’t guarantee that I will always be able to❗️ ✨Please provide your first name and birthday, as well as the first name and birthday of all those involved in your question. ✨Additional questions require a separate reading. ✨Be as specific as possible in your questions. Nothing general please! ✨Timeframes are extremely fluid and free will always plays a role. I can give you a rough estimate, but please keep in mind that energies shift and can impact the time I’ve given. ✨I reserve the right to decline readings from anyone who has left a negative review, as that means we didn’t connect. ✨For PRERECORDED videos, please provide me with the first names and birthdays of all those involved. Please try to limit yourself to three questions.


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