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Hello there, ✨ I’m glad you decided to take a look! 😊Please read through😊 🎴I offer tarot readings for life’s many adventures, wondering about your career? Or potential partner? Friends or family? All you have to do is ask!✨ 🏵 🏵 I pull a three card spread as well as clarifying cards as needed 🏵 🏵 I give guidance on your personal topic as well as advise as to what you can expect if you stay on the current path. I look for positive ways to approach situations and give advice on how to avoid negative situations or help you out of one. ✨🤎✨ My main focus is positive guidance and how you can positively impact or improve your situations!🌟 I do not do readings pertaining to Cheating or Affairs or guidance on the continuation of one💔. Also timelines ⌛️and other questions focused on the “when” I don’t do, mostly because time can be changed and shifted.🕰 🧞As per Purple Ocean Rules NO🛑 Pregnancy🍼 Medical 🩺 Legal 📇 Gambling 🎰 As always remember this is for entertainment purposes 💜✨


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