Shanna Olivia
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About my services

1.Do Not Use divination tools while I am reading for you!!! it is highly disrespectful!! I will report you!! 2. If you tell me your name knowing it's not your name the reading will not be accurate because it is not for you!!! My gifts are a little different!! I do not use my third eye or any of my chakras!! I love reading cards!! I am ENERGY!! Which means I can pick up very very fast!!! I am not allowed to tap into anyone’s energy without there permission!! I do not use spirit guides or ancestors!! I am able to communicate with the dead☠️ !!! I have the gift of telekinesis!! And electrokinesis 🔌 (ports)!! I can also see anything astal with my regular 👁️!! I can tap into your situation with your permission ONLY!!!! I can show you the door but I cannot tell you what is behind it!! I am a secret keeper🤐!!!Which means I am not allowed to cross others boundaries!! Energy is in everything which means I can read all!! I am also able to go through screens which are portals because I understand alchemy!! And I am telepathic👌🏽!!!


Oracle guidance, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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