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Hi I’m Serenity and I’m a psychic reader who’d like to share my gift with the world I use my abilities to help others through there confused and hard times. For the past 16 years I have been guiding and advising people from all walks of life. With me there will never be no sugar coating I’m a honest psychic who will tell you if your situation is worth fixing or if you should move forward. I know some of you might feel lost or misguided but I’m here to set you back on the right path. 🌝I specialize in🌝 Tarot cards Psychic readings Energy readings Chakra balancing Meditation 🧘‍♀️ Dream analysis Sound balancing 💫 I will not tell you what you want to hear but I will give you a dose of raw truth. Are you curious if your partner is the one for you? Is he/she cheating are you confused about a personal decision. Should you make that move? Should you take that job? Or you might have any other question no matter the question. I will use help of my spirit guides to connect with you to give you the most accurate and honest answers. 😴😴😴Dream analysis😴😴😴 Dreams reveal the ways an individual has fallen out of balance. In dream analysis, every aspect of your dream represents something in your psyche. So, the dream is an effort to communicate with yourself about the things holding you back from becoming a whole and fully developed individual. I will be able to help You make sense of what your dreams are trying to tell you don’t be shy all dream questions are welcome I am a non judgmental psychic


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