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About my services

🖤 l'm a TV Psychic Medium and Specialise in LOVE & CAREER readings. Working with my guides, we link with your energy vibration, to give you insight and guidance into your situation. 🖤 My readings are warm & compassionate. Taking into account the 3 min time limit - Be Specific With Your Questions - No General Readings or TIME FRAMES. 🖤 To ensure clear readings, please providing accurate and DETAILED information, including NAMES of ALL involved and YOUR ZODIAC SIGN PLUS ANYONE ELSE INVOLVED 🖤 Ask the right questions and BE PREPARED FOR HONEST ANSWERS 🔮 We see the outcome based on the current energy, meaning: your reading doesn't necessarily mean it WILL happen but what CAN happen. 🔮 Due to free will, energy is fluid and affected by your choices and actions thereafter. Readings are based on the near future 🔮 Due to time constraints best served in maximising your reading: ⚠️ ONLY 2 questions max per 3 min reading ⚠️ Cards are shuffled and dealt prior to recording. ⛔NO QUESTIONS ON: -HEALTH -LEGAL -PREGNANCY -TIMELINES ❓ONLY 1 FOLLOW UP QUESTION PERMITTED ✅ REVIEWS: -Honest review welcome -Do not leave a negative review, just because you didn't like what guidance spirit gave you. IT WOULD BE UNWISE TO DISRESPECT SPIRIT or MYSELF IN THAT WAY


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