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PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING: I am not your fluffy lovey tarot reader/psychic. I read for what needs to be said. Sometimes in life we need someone to really tell it how it how it really is. I highly value my integrity and my work in this field. My spirit guides do not allow me to tell false narrative stories. I deliver all my readings with LOVE and RESPECT!!!! PS: If you’re asking about a love reading, please understand the answer you are seeking is something you may not want to hear. Also, I do not provide time frames as we all are gifted with free will. Free will means that timelines can change. Therefore, giving timeframes can sometimes be inaccurate. **************************************************** Welcome to my tarot corner!! Here we focus on your deepest levels of regression to assist with moving energy around with in your auric field. These energies may be stagnant from past traumas and pain caused by family, friends, experiences and your own misunderstands of your true self. My speciality is shadow work. I love to uncover energies within your subconscious to assist you with transcending past hurdles aka I help you become the magician and alchemist you were born to be. Let me help you turn your pain into gain!!


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