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🛑ATTENTION PURPLE GARDEN USERS...PLEASE READ🛑 I CAN NOT Guarantee FollowUp Questions To Be Answered In The Comment Section After A LIVE CHAT Reading. The Option To Respond Expires For Advisors After 1 Hour! And Due To Heavy Traffic From Other Orders Coming In I Don’t Always Have The Time To Respond. I Truly Apologize And I Hope That All Of My Clients Can Be Understanding That I Don’t Make The Rules. Thank You🙏🏻 🛑ATTENTION PURPLE OCEAN USERS....PLEASE READ🛑 I am now answering 2 questions for clarification after each LIVE VIDEO/24/HOUR/RUSH ORDER. please be patient with my response due to heavy traffic. thanks☺ BEFORE I BEGIN I would like to let my clients know that sending me your questions in a video helps me connect with your situation better then a written description! Hello my name is Esmeralda! I am a gifted psychic & advisor for over 14 years now.... Who comes from a long line of clairvoyance. my Gift has been passed down to me from my Great aunt Marlena. and other relatives who are natural born clairvoyants.. Im a very in depth reader! I do not give false hope I'm here to answer those devastating questions Is my partner cheating? Is he or she the one? Have I found my soulmate? Is my carrer going anywhere? Am I even on the right path in life? !!!ALSO!!!                                             I would like for my clients to remember that life changes on a daily basis due to our own free will. We can only control our selves and the choices we make not the choices and decisions of those around us. But by being aware and informed with the guidance needed we can help those around us come closer to finding there way! !!!WARNING!!! I do not sugar coat anything I tell you what I see when I see it. i don't mean to sound harsh but I strongly believe in honesty! I use my tools to look as far into your situation and the situations of others around you to help you decide whats the best move for you to come closer day by day to all your goals in life. I also pick up better on your aura if you yourself are a strong believer of the spiritual world. It helps expand my gift to the best of its abilities! !!REMEMBER!!! I am a non-judgemental advisor and i am willing to look into your problems no matter what they may be. This is a place of peace. So feel free to open up to me for the most honest reading possible!☺ And just a personal reminder to my clients. Always remember your worth. And never feel ashamed to ask for help! Whether it be advice from a friend. or guidance from a psychic. It's is in your best interest to achieve happiness!


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