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I'm an experienced, CERTIFIED INTUITIVE TAROT READER, & LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP COUNSELOR/COACH. I'm in this field for a very long time now, with a great amount of experience and I'm here to infuse positivity, & hope and boost your confidence to help you get aligned to your inner self and find your way to love and happiness.. I would really like to help you focus on betterment of your life and see you succeed in doing so. You can ask me relationship advice, love life advice, career advice or advice for family issues. I'll try my level best to give you appropriate and satisfactory advice/ guidance. I'm NOT a psychic, or a dream analyzer, or an expert in horoscopes and astrology, or palm readings, so kindly refrain from asking queries related to them. Also, no medical or health or business related questions, please. Please DON'T give a negative reading just because the answer isn't what you wanted it to be or expected it to be, my cards never lie to me or misguide me, So if you don't trust them, or don't have the courage to face the facts, then please don't approach for a reading. Also, I WON'T BE SUGAR-COATING the facts, I make it a point, that my clients get to know the truth and not some sugar-coated fantasy, which isn't real or give them any FALSE hopes.. If it's a negative answer, then please understand that, that's exactly what the universe is trying to tell me through my cards.. There's nothing personal, here.. I'm here to guide you and help you with all your queries, without being judgmental or biased.


Tarot readings, Love readings

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