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My mission is to assist you in understanding all of your potential and making conscious choices in all areas of your live, ( to help you fulfill the mission of your Soul. ) During an Intuitive Consultation I will be tuning in on the frequency of a person, a relationship, or company, whereafter I receive information, which I interpret and enables me to answer your questions. The information with regards to the situation comes to me through all senses; mostly I am Clairsentient, Claircognizant, and clairvoyant, however sometimes information comes through the senses of taste and smell too. I believe that Astrology brings you a new perspective on your life, enabling you to view and understand yourself and situations in your life from an objective point of view. For me it is a great tool for self development. I love helping people read their charts because it not only brings so much insight and understanding in your talents, challenges, purpose and character, but it often unlocks hidden potential to clients, helping people remember aspects of themselves they weren’t aware of (anymore). In my readings I aim to bring to my clients the overall story of their birth chart and corresponding (future) transits, and in reading their charts you truly see the story unfold. In the moment you come to me for a reading I guide you through astrology into your next steps onto your path. I offer a personal astrological birth chart reading and Astrological Coaching based on your personal birth chart combined with either a yearly forecast (solar return) and / or monthly forecast (lunar return). PLEASE PROVIDE TIME OF BIRTH IN YOUR QUESTION and let me know if you are specifically asking for an astrology reading. ———


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