Ephraim of Safed

Divination, Tarot, Ancient Mysticism
17.1h average response
93.3% on-time delivery

About my services

Iā€™m a Jewish mystic who uses familiar, traditional methods like astrology, Tarot, and dream interpretation to find honest insights to any question. I also offer insights into the mysteries of the Zohar and ancient Jewish practices dating all the way back to the rites of the second Temple. I provide consultations for romance, career, life journey, relationships, and any other inquiry you might bring to me. Honesty, integrity, and a personal connection are the cornerstones of my work and my art. In addition to well-known and familiar readings, Iā€™m also available for consultations concerning the Shedim (the angels, djinn, and other spirits), fire readings, numerology, and other ancient divinatory methods.


Dream analysis, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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