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About my services

I am an intuitive, clairsentient empath. I provide tarot readings, oracle readings and love/relationship coaching and readings. I have a particular affinity with spirit guides and ancestors. It is wonderful to connect with this support as they are proficient in helping you through life’s many lessons and obstacles. I am passionate about love/relationship readings and coaching. My focus is to go in to these relationships with guidance, empathy and to identify karmic cycles so that you may find your truth and be empowered when communicating and finding new love! Ask me any question you have! I like to bring connection and synchronicity with your higher-self, soul and current personality. There are so many ways to receive messages from the Universe and your guides. I am an interpreter of these messages and can help you choose the timelines and future that is lost aligned with your truth. My offerings include: - Love&Relationship Coaching - Love&Relationship Readings -Tarot Readings - Oracle Readings - Spirit Guide Readings -Shadow Work - Self-Love Coaching - Soul Empowerment & Integration I do not believe in sugar coating messages from the Divine. If these messages are coming to me, they are meant to be shared with you and I must respect that. I do, however, believe in meeting you at the place you are, currently. I make sure to deliver this guidance in a way you can best understand, relate to, and ultimately integrate for your highest benefit.


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Tarot readings

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