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****‼️PLEASE READ BELOW BEFORE CONTACTING AND PURCHASING A READING‼️**** when purchasing a reading it is preferable to attach a video along with your questions in the bio. by seeing you allows me to pick up on your energy much more strongly and also better enhances the connection between you and i. 😊 EVERYONE HAS A DIFFERENT PSYCHIC ABLITY! Also, every psychic is connected to a different higher spirit which means they are going to get reveled a different prediction. PLEASE do not base your reading off of a prediction you have gotten from someone else or stating that by leaving a negative review. By getting many different readings leads to getting reveled many different awnsers. I AM VERY STRAIGHT FORWARD! I am a honest, and also a genuine psychic. I am not here to tell you what you want to hear if that's is what your looking for then please, do not purchase a reading. I am here to give you honesty and accuracy with my readings, I do not sugar coat. The negative feedback that I do have is simply due to clients not wanting to hear the truth or simply wasn't what they wanted to hear..if your looking for honest, genuine, non sugar coated reading and psychic I am the one for you!☺️ PSYCHIC PREDICTIONS CAN CHANGE! A psychic intuition and insight can change at any time but only due to YOUR circumstances and free will. Also a psychic's prediction can change due to YOUR ACTIONS our energies are very sensitive and very absorbent so by whatever energy you place to your surroundings and also to the insight that you have gotten whether it's negative or positive that's what you will get in return! So it is very important that you are positive and have a open mind during your reading and also after..so please if you have gotten a reading done with me and if at any time and point the prediction has changed please do not leave a negative review on that factor. PLEASE DO NOT BASE A BAD REVIEW ON IF I DO NOT REPLY BACK IN THE COMMENT SECTION! I try to get back to everyone as much as possible, if I DO NOT get back to you I am not ignoring you. I do tend to get a high tendency of calls and can get difficult to reply back to everyone so please do bare with me. Please note, after reading is provided you are able to ask TWO QUESTIONS. If you have anymore questions other then two please follow up with another reading. ****THANK YOU**** Hello! My name is Celina. I am so excited to be apart of the Purple Ocean Community! My Expert Service I will help heal your Mind, Body and Spirit. I will give you the ultimate advise and direction in life's most biggest obstacles such as Love, Relationships, Marriage, Friends and Family, Financial and more...Are you looking for answers? Well, I have the solution to solve and give you all the answers you need. I combine my God given gift of clairvoyance with unique ability to bond with my clients. I don't only tell you what you want to hear I will tell you the truth in your life. My Psychic abilities have helped many in the past, now let me lead you to a much more happier life! I will tell you what I see in your situation/problem. No situation/problem is hard for me to solve I can bring love and happiness. I have over 21 years experience in the following areas: Numerology, Tarot Cards, Psychic Readings and Soulmate Connections. I can help you with all relationship issues such as Cheating, Affairs and also Breaking up and Divorce...Please note, I am a straight forward Psychic and don't just tell you what you want to hear. I revel to you the truth and accuracy that you need and want to know..Call today to receive your reading! 🔮💜


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