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Hi, it's Lara here! A few things before you request my facilitation; ✨️ I'll be reading your energy field working with my spiritual team What I hear/ see/ feel as comes in the channeling will be translated to you, so be clear that's an energy channeling transmission of your own current energy, not a fortune telling! ✨️ I'm more into in depth readings, and the goal is to give you clarity in any path and different keys to your current situation- you have to work on your free will to make decisions; ✨️ Energy is something abstract. For that, I won't be giving time frames or physical descriptions, dates or initial letters. If any kind of specific information like that comes trough the channeling, it will be transmitted to you. ✨️ My work as facilitating the energy or emotions or thoughts you can't fully understand and read it, consists into channeling a Information from Higher Sources and your own Higher Self and translate it for you. Do not take what I say to you as if it's me personally. The tarot is an amazing self knowledge tool and for many times you get not necessarily what you want, but exactly what you need it. It's not me Lara telling you, but your own field speaking. ✨️ If you can't trust the guidance and keep staying at the Momentum and don't have the patience to let the Universe unfolds into what was channeled, coming back with a lot of non trusting energy, I'll probably decline your request and suggest you find another facilitator, as sometimes can be quite challenging to deal with your energy if you're in resistance. ✨️ For chat sessions, be patient as it's impossible to any channeler if it's doing a proper energy work to get the information in ten seconds and reply. When I go silent in the chat it's just by the fact that I'm fully concentrated to pick up the energies of your situation, and I'll always speak back again and reply your questions even if you think you'll run out of time. ✨️ I always try to give the best outcomes even to a bad situation, and speaking in the most loving way, but what comes in the channeling is what I'll transmit to you without sugar coating. If you're not open for honesty, that will lead to your evolution in a way, and you take the guidance as a personal attack, im sure I'm not your advisor! Love you. xx


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