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πŸ›‘ if you are getting a reading about two different people please order a different reading for two different people I do not want to get anything mixed upπŸ›‘Hello and thank you for choosing me on Purple Ocean. We are offering now live chat you need to download Purple Garden. We also do live videos. I help with all matters of the heart I could tell you about your past present and future. I'll tell you about your love happiness marriage career money family friends and what your spiritual guides want to tell you. I only answer three questions after reading. Bad reviews are based on people that don't want to hear the truth. I also help you with self-esteem problems alcohol and drug addiction's. Background im a birth gifted 3rd eye clairvoyant with a little over 20 years experience specializing in areas such as love career and finance my gifts developed at the early age of 10 i went on to study the spiritual arts at the arthur findlay college where i learned to harness and utilize my gifts to the best of my ability for the greater benefit of my clientshello i am Anita welcome I'm a 3 generation birth gifted third eye clairvoyant psychic reader and spiritual advisor with a little over 20 years experience i specialize in areas such as love career and finance family home and health Iam also a tarot card master medium empath and spirit guide counselor love and relationship specialist and a master in the art of reuniting lovers and uniting soulmates if you are feeling lost or confused as to which direction you are taking your life or which direction your love life may be taking itself i have the answers for you i can help guide and advise you on the right path in life and direct you to your true calling so that you may reach your true potential in life with my ability to replace negative influence with positive energy i also pride myself on my ability to provide one session with me is guaranteed to put your mid heart and spirit at ease so call now i look forward to hearing from you. ⚠️ I do not give a timeframe because timeframe do change account of free will of mine ⚠️ in the reading if you have more than one person that you want to know about please I do not want to get anything mixed up in the reading so I do not want to focus on anybody else but you and one person if there somebody else that you would like to know about please order another reading ⚠️


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