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Available on Purple Ocean and sister app Purple Garden for LIVE readings, since Nov 2021. Please give me your full date of birth as well as that of the POI. DD/MM/YY - I am British, if you are American please state clearly which is the month 🙏 Reading tarot since 2001 using a few different tarot and oracle decks, especially the Thoth deck. I also use numerology which can shed a lot of extra light on things. (If you would like only numerology, just let me know). I usually explain the cards, and also talk in real life terms. I'm here to help you with your situation, to know and love yourself better, and to be on your path. Sometimes people say a session with me is a bit like a chat with a life coach – but I do talk in spiritual terms when it's relevant, as well as emotionally. I try to give you real advice so you can decide if you want to follow. I have experience with topics that can bridge both relationships and work – such as boundaries, addiction, emotional issues and so on. I do work intuitively, but my readings are also based on what you choose to tell me. One situation is one reading, and each order is for one reading. I cannot look at your love life and your job at the same time. If you can't decide, just give me a quick note about that, as sometimes the cards decide which you need to know about! * I will not do readings on someone else's relationship (ie two people, neither of which are you) * I cannot tell you what your future partner will look like but I can tell what kind of person to look out for * If you wish to explain the situation to me, tell me all the key information before I draw cards. Anything important you mention after I draw cards can really confuse the reading – and I want to give you clarity Please include dob DD/MM/YY - if not in this format, please be clear which number is the month. Judgement-free zone.


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