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✨I am an empath here to share insights on questions you have about life, love, and the stars. I use tarot, oracle, and ephemeris astrology to tailor a response unique to your needs. ✨I adapt my readings to your energy. This means that I may pick a certain deck or oracle that feels relevant to you. I meditate on your spirit and I ask the cards to please give you the answers that you need. I do not sugar coat these answers, and sometimes the answer may not be what you want to hear. ✨If you provide your birth time, and birth location I also run your transit chart and incorporate it into the reading. If you do not want to include your birth time and location, I will use Toronto, Canada at 12pm. ✨If you want a full birth chart analysis related to your question you will need to book at least 30 minutes with me because it takes time to review all relevant aspects related to your question. For the most accurate reading you MUST provide your birth time AND location in addition to the date. ✨I also provide dream interpretation and analysis. ✨If you would like for me to do a reading exclusively using one tool (birth chart, tarot, oracle), please do let me know. ✨I can only do one question at a time as the response format is limited to 3 minutes. ❌ Please do not ask me about medical or legal advice ❌ I can provide generalized time frames based on ephemeris, however, please note that individuals have free will


Dream analysis, Astrology & Horoscopes, Tarot readings

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