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‼️On medical leave until January 8th‼️ I would love to help you grow in a spiritual and emotional way! 💞 I kindly ask that you read my list of things that I am best for and things that I do not read for, especially the parts pertaining to timelines and consulting multiple advisors. Thank you! I am supportive and kind, but extremely straightforward. I not a "fairytale" reader. If you want an honest reading, I'm your gal! I use tarot, Lenormand, runes, or oracle cards for clarity in all readings. If you have a preference for which type you would prefer, please make sure you tell me or I will go with whatever calls to me at the time. 🏳️‍🌈LGBTQIA+ FRIENDLY!🏳️‍🌈 ✅ I am best for clarity regarding: 🧿 Past lives and past life issues that continue to affect the present. This is my favorite thing to read! 🧿 Past life connections with others. 🧿Revealing deceptions. 🧿Your current situation, the path that the situation is on, and a possible outcome, if the situation continues as it is. 🧿Self-improvement and clarity. 🧿How to identify karmic blockage. 🧿How to cultivate a path that attracts a specific need or desire. 🧿What to work on in order to attract the right romantic partner or career. 🧿Dream analysis. 🧿Helping you interpret signs from spirit guides. 🧿How to connect with spirit guides. 🧿 If you are a reader yourself and are looking for another perspective on your situation, I am happy to help! 🧿I'm also available if you simply need an ear and for someone to really listen to your situation and hear you out. 🚫 I do not do readings or spiritual guidance for these situations: ❌ I DO NOT GIVE TIMEFRAMES. Time is fluid in the future is mutable. This includes questions like "do you see this happening in the next few months/weeks/days etc.?" This is also stated in my video instructions. DO NOT try and sneak this in with "I know you don't do timeframes, but...." I will not answer this question. ❌ I will answer TWO clarifying questions in the comments. I do not answer multiple questions on different topics in rush readings. Two questions maximum on the same topic or situation, please. ❌ "Yes/no" questions do not allow for elaboration. Please ask open-ended questions instead. You'll get a lot more out of your reading this way! ❌ The predictions of other advisors are not considered in any of my readings. If you been to multiple advisors with the same question and are shopping around for a specific answer, you are not truly looking for guidance. Please choose a different advisor other than myself. ❌ I do not read for third party energies. What I mean by that is that I will not read for someone who is not directly involved in your situation. An example of this would be "Is my best friend going to get a new job?" Your friend would need to come to me for that type of advice so that I could tap into their energy. 🙂 ❌ If you leave me negative feedback under the guise of a positive review, I'm not required to read for you again and I will not. ❌I cannot tell you names of unknown people or the name of the person your POI is cheating with, the name of the person who will be getting the promotion, or the name of your future partner. I cannot give you explicit details on people you have never met because your energies have not connected on this plane. ❌ I also do not answer questions regarding, spells, health (including pregnancy and mental health), legal situations, or political climate. Please do not ask questions about paternity, custody agreements, or any type of legal situations. These things are against Purple Ocean policy. ❌ I do not answer "testing" questions from clients such as "What color socks am I wearing?" Readings are for those truly seeking spiritual advice, not guessing games. ❌ I do not guarantee predictions. A prediction is a forecast of events regarding your personal situation. If this situation changes, your prediction will also change. ✨ Please note that providing a detailed video question is the best way to ensure a good connection and an accurate reading. Please do not send me few seconds of yourself simply sitting there quietly. The sound of your voice helps me! 🙂 I'm happy to answer 1 or 2 clarification questions for your current reading in the comments, but if you have new questions regarding a new topic or person, please book another reading. Thank you!✨ ‼️ IMPORTANT‼️ ✨Please remember that the future is never guaranteed! ✨


Oracle guidance, Dream analysis, Tarot readings

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