Yvonnes Light

Intuitive Tarot Empath
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About my services

I’m an intuitive tarot reader and empath who can guide you towards answers and greater happiness in matters of love and life. Notices: 1. 24 hour and Rush Order clients: A 3 minute video can address 1 - 3 questions. Please keep that in mind! As a mini-reading, there’s only so much we can get into within that time. Feel free to do a live chat reading if you need more time to really flesh out your situation. 2. Thank you to all my wonderful clients who continue learning how readings/divination works. If you're unclear, here’s a tip: a prediction for the future generally takes longer than a week unless otherwise stated. I've personally had a prediction, which I considered highly unlikely at the time, come true 25+ years later. I'm not saying this will be the case with you, but leaving negative feedback because something took too long when a time frame was not definitively given (which is often the case--timing is fluid) is both unethical and accrues you bad karma. My spirit guides are extremely protective of me.
My intentions are always to be as helpful to you as possible. I hope that is appreciated well xx 3. Capricorns, you’re lovely but I cannot seem to put your messages delicately enough for your satisfaction. Please seek a different reader. 4. My tarot cards and I have our own language, as is the case with most professional tarot readers. So, please keep that in mind--they're speaking my language, for me to interpret them. They may not make sense to fellow tarot enthusiasts because they aren't talking to them. They're talking to me and it’s my job to relay their messages for you. Thanks for reading and I appreciate you! 💐


Oracle guidance, Tarot readings, Love readings

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