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Hello! welcome to my profile my name is Luz, I am from Argentina so my mother languaje is spanish in case you speak spanish too. I specialize in doing gypsy Tarot readings. From a very young age I knew that I was special for holistic therapies but since 8 years ago I dedicated myself especially to this and studied and trained in one of the best spiritual schools with my gypsy teacher guide. The benefits of my readings and my line of studies is that I only work with 12 gypsies of light , which means that through my cards I am always working with light guiades and through my channeling with them I can offer you a clear and accurate reading and offer you my help and guidance in whatever you need. 💫✨ I am also a multidimensional spiritual worker. I dedicate myself to performing energy cleansing with my spiritual guides in hospitals of light around the world, providing cleansing and energy healing to those who need it 🙏🏻 Inside my tarot readings you can choose: ⭐ Specific questions. ⭐ Relationships readings. ⭐ Health, work, spirituality readings, specific questions ⭐ 7 card readings where gypsies of light mark how to help solve any issue. (request a reading of 7 letters) ⭐Oracle of the enchanted gypsies of love (addressed to relationships, you can see the current energy of the lrelationship and advice to improve it). ⭐Fortune Telling (includes personal cabal with numerology, gypsy birth protector, mediumship type, personal year, personality type, and all the guides that govern you each month and with what energy to work with them) ⭐ Readings from the big board where you can see all aspects of life in detail. Only via video call because they last for an hour or an hour and a half where all aspects are seen in depth. ⭐ Astrological readings with solar revolution where the most important events of the year are seen month by month, and then the most important events from your birthday to your next birthday. I only do them via video call. It lasts for an hour or an hour and a half. ⭐ Past lives readings. ⭐ Readings dedicated to the spiritual development ⭐ Besides, I dedicate myself to performing energy cleansing and healing with the thrones of God and the 7 rays. I am very accurate in my readings. I also like to provide advice from my guides so that they can help in the matter that is being consulted to reach the desired harmonization and healing. 🙏💫 What I like to do the most are reelationship readings becuase my tarot cards are super clear and specific and I I love to always give spiritual advice on the subject to consult 🙏💫 Spanish - English. LIVE CHAT 24/7 🗨️ ‼️‼️ Take a moment to read 🚫 if you leave me negative reviews I will not serve you again in Purple Garden or Purple Ocean, before leaving a negative review I recommend you to talk through the chat to avoid misunderstandings. 🚫 I do not give times in tarot readings because time is always variable and depends on the decision you make every action taken after a tarot reading will build the future.


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