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**** 2 ? maximum for 3 minute orders**** Certified Qi Gong Practitioner & Energy Healer (Alchemy/Chinese Internal Martial Arts) Intuitive advice from your ANIMAL TOTEMS & GODDESS oracles. Animal Communication for your beloved pets. A reading from me can help you become empowered to manifest healthy LOVE, an enriching CAREER, & bring you PEACE, CONFIDENCE, BALANCE, Past & Present INSIGHTS, Advice to manifest the Future of your dreams... & much more 🌞for LIVE Video Readings! In addition to a card reading I offer: *20 minute Golden Hill Guided Meditation which gives a vital life force qi energy adjustment that provides Emotional Healing, Balance, Harmony, Peace of Mind, Intuitive Insight, & Vitality on a spiritual, emotional, & physical level. *20, 15, or 10 Minute Qi Energy Adjustments* for you or your pet. Like reiki but rooted in Chinese Medicine. This helps balance an emotional concern, mend a broken heart, heal a past hurt, increase spirituality & much more. ✨Bonus - animals always communicate messages during energy adjustments! Qi adjustments can help you cut the cord of an old relationship. This also helps clear blocks which can allow you to find a rewarding romantic partner a better career & uncovers additional intuitive insight.* 🐊 Animals are teachers and healers and love helping humans. ANIMAL TOTEM READINGS are extremely unique on Purple Ocean & Garden 🐺 Try out MASTERY LEVEL ANIMAL COMMUNICATION which explains the emotional root causes of their issues. I have communicated with animals all of my life, worked with them professionally since '03 and have volunteered with wildlife rehabbers since '14. Often times your animal has advice for you! This is also an excellent service for end of life care. I can help you say goodbye. 🐲 I can also help you figure out what your animal totems are & how to utilize them. Mine are eagle - visionary, healer & dragonfly - harnesses the power of light for transformation. I also love helping others strengthen their own intuitive abilities! 🎆GUIDELINES🎆 🦋If you order a reading from me, I have permission to focus on you & your energy & life path, & how someone feels about you/what their intentions are. 🚫I will not peep into other's energy without their permission. 🚫No timeline or when ? because of FREE WILL ✨energy shifts 🦅2 question maximum. Please no Legal/ Lottery ?'s. 2 ?'s pertaining to my response answered in comment section after all orders. 🐝Video Orders PREFERRED for you since I'm a bit of an eye reader. Video order for animal Totem readings & pets absolutely REQUIRED. If your pet won't be still a photo held up with a good look at their eyes works. 🐘Live video readings- I focus on your question in silence for about 30 seconds while shuffling the cards. Not a medium, not new age. Thanks!


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Psychic readings

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