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🎶It changes so fast depending on the person; I can’t promise to know the exact future…🕚 But I can say that I’m amazing at providing the following services and support! 🤩 1-🎴ORACLE CARD🎴 reading (for pets/people/situations and onwards..) ~Allow 10-15 minutes: for all the information to be interpreted and properly communated. 2-♥️RELATIONSHIP COACHING♥️ ~Allow 10-20+ minutes: Depending on how deep you’d like to go. 3-🏡MAJOR LIFE CHANGES🏡 support and council ~Allow 20-40+ minutes Choose this if: •You’ve recently lost someone pet/person (death or just grieving) •You’ve had a major heartbreak •Are feeling genuinely lost •Addictions 4-🖤+💖MASCULINE+FEMININE POLARIZATION EVALUATION💖+🖤 ~Allow 10-20 minutes Men and women: Learn how to recognize if you’ve become a masculinized woman or an emasculated man. Learn tips on how to break the cycle of being an emasculated man or woman. *Emasculate* is a general term applied to anyone, it generally means -to be weakened- 5-🔆The TRUTH will SET you FREE FREQUENTCY UPGRADE🔆 ~Allow 15-20+ minutes How this works: 1-You tell me about a (1) specific pain or (1) block in your body. 2-I ask you a few questions then I find out the possible trauma wounds around that block/pain. 3-I speak the truth to you about that issue and offer you advice on the next steps needed to be taken to address that wound. 💢Caution💢 Only choose the frequency upgrade if you’re GENUINELY READY to face the reality of your situation/past. I can promise to be kind and gentle. 💖 •💎I do my absolute best to get you the CLEAREST and most HONEST INFORMATION I can. •💎I will be 💯% AUTHENTIC with you, which means that sometimes I will need to speak uncomfortable truths. (I’m sorry! 🥹) And sometimes also great feeling truths too! Please be kind when leaving reviews, they make😍 or break😢 us as advisors and I can promise you that I come with the best intentions without judging you and with no intention to harm. Remember sweet people, uncomfortable information is hard at first but the truth will always set us free! 🥰 •💎Your TIME is VALUED. You’re paying for value and I intend to deliver: I will respond to your questions with relevant answers in as concise a manner as possible.🤓 ..I will BREAK DOWN the COMPLICATED “spiritual” TERMS & INFORMATION I receive into easy EVERYDAY LANGUAGE to save you time, energy and money in your reading, and to get THE TRUTH to you. Dear 👑King or 👑Queen, sometimes when we begin a reading I’m feeling more than just you right away, I’m also feeling your significant other. Because tapping into the RELATIVE TRUTH of your situation is so dynamic, I may need a minute or two to get to the brass~tacks of your situation. Thank you in advance for your KINDNESS, PATIENCE and UNDERSTANDING! You’re amazing and I’m genuinely totally looking forward to connecting with you! ~Azraiel 😸✨


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