Nova Rising

Intuitive Guidance
3.5h average response
97.5% on-time delivery

About my services

Hello! My name is Nova and I’m a born witch and twin flame in union for 21 years. My spirit guides and I are all about answering your questions while sharing with you messages that bring clarity and empowerment! So often we can’t mentally see past the problem or can’t feel past the energetic tangled mess of emotions we find ourselves in. What I offer in a reading is the broader perspective of our lives that spirit holds. My desire is that you resonate with the energetic frequency of your own truth spoken in my messages so that you are better tuned into your own guidance surrounding the matter at hand! My readings arent for everyone! Im not here to tell you whether or not you can have what you want like you are some powerless pawn at the mercy of circumstances! Im here to guide you through the fear and doubt and energentic blocks in your way. If you are looking to rise above the victim/blame cycle and take responsibility for your own vibe- let’s do it!


Oracle guidance, Tarot readings, Love readings

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