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📆update must give person in question’s date of birth it is very difficult to pick up on just the name alone especially if you are not currently together📆. 👩‍⚖️update i will not be answering anymore questions about court cases 🧿📿currently offer chakra balancing through live video to help cleanse the mind body and soul back into one supreme being to help rejuvenate one's true self back to there natural energy with crystals candles meditation bowls and many other tools 30 minute minimum that gives us enough time to fully explore the chakra in the way it was meant to be 🧿📿 🔮 blessed with this amazing gift🔮 to help people understand themselves there lives there loves & relationships,There Dream's there Hopes, there fears there spirituality and there intuitions I will help you to see what is driving the behaviour of those around you. By understanding the real agenda, you will be able to make choices and achieve the desired outcome. Many people forget that free will plays a roll in future events. I will provide you with enough information to make the best choices to obtain your life goals. My approach is always to be honest, and to the point. Readings are serious business, your questions and life issues are important. Therefore by being open you will find answers that will light your path so you can make the best choices for you I WILL GUIDE YOU ALL THE WAY on these and many other topics Is Your Love Meant to Be? What is he or she thinking What direction is my relationship going. I will only reply to three messages in the comment box and three questions in video as it is very difficult to get in a full reading in three minutes🕐


Love readings, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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