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About my services

🚨 I am an honest advisor. I do not lie, omit the truth, beat around the bush, nor sell fairytales 🌈 in hopes of positive reviews. I provide the truth, the way I see it, so that you can make the healthiest and most informed decisions for yourself. If you only want to hear what you want then I am not the advisor for you. I won't tell you what you want to hear, but rather what the Spirit needs you to hear 🔈🔉🔊 👂 🎥All ORDERS MUST INCLUDE A PRE-RECORDED VIDEO included in the purchase price of the reading & (applicable) NAME(S) 👥 with inquiry. I don't need birthdates. I do need to hear your voice, so include a video.📼 * 📹"Video Requirements" continued at the bottom of this section. 🔼 I am 100% all natural, old fashioned, "gifted, which is why I need an aspect of you i.e. your voice to connect. I don't use tarot cards, crystal balls, nor any tools.🔼 🔮 Past. Present. & FUTURE! 🔮 I provide TIMELINES!!! 🔮 Suggestions for changing your situation for the BETTER. 🔮 Messages from your dearly departed (Live-Video Readings ONLY). *COMING SOON* 🔮 Candlelight Prayer included (optional) in Live- Video readings over 35 minutes. The candle will light at the 35 minute mark. Prayers in a choice of Christian and Non denominational/Spiritual available. *COMING SOON* 🔮 I clarify any readings with up to 5 questions !!! 📷 To receive the most accurate reading of a person (ex. lover) or building (ex. home) please zoom in or a picture or image of the person for a few seconds during your video inquiry. * I don't need pictures to read however pictures do add another layer of depth with answers that I am able to provide ⏳ 2 questions per order. I provide a lot of depth and detail and can not answer more than 2 questions in 3 minutes. I provide clarity, with up to 5 responses to the 2 questions presented in the video. 🚷 I don't answer new, different, nor unrelated questions in comments. I suggest another reading if you have more questions. 🎭I don't provide additional readings for those who've left negative reviews. 📹 Video Requirements 📹 ✋ Please film yourself talking at least 30 seconds. I don't like having to replay 5 second videos just to hear the amount of voice that I need in order to read. Orders with video submissions less than 30 seconds will not get a quick response from me simply because I have to play the videos back several times. 🔺NOTE I am requesting a pre-recorded video which is included in the purchase price of the reading not a "live-video call". 🚫I DO NOT fill orders that do not include videos. My "delivery time" will not get negatively impacted nor my profile unlisted when I don't have the video that I need to read with. Orders that do not include a video will get a blank video response and text explaining that the order could not be fulfilled due to the client having not met ordering instructions. 🚺🚹CLIENTS WHO DO NOT FOLLOW MY ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS, AND DO NOT SEND A VIDEO 📼, ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN REFUND. I WILL NOT TAKE TIME OUT OF MY DAY AND AWAY FROM READINGS TO ASSIST THOSE WHO DO NOT FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. AS AN ADVISOR I DO NOT HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO REFUND. CLIENTS WHO DO NOT INCLUDE VIDEOS WITH THEIR ORDERS SHOULD MESSAGE CUSTOMER SUPPORT FOR A REFUND. ❗I provide timelines to the best of my ability however certain factors can shorten or prolong a timeline please allow the margin of error as follows 🔹timelines given in "weeks"s: 2-3 weeks 🔹timlelines given 6 "months" and under: 1-2 months 🔹timelines given 6 months and over: 2-3 months.


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Psychic readings

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