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What is a special person feeling about you? Are you making progress in your career? The universe has messages for you, are you ready to hear them? I have 15+ years experience with Tarot. I am a Master Tarot reader. I have been using the Thoth and Hanson Roberts decks as of late. I have been greatly influenced by the work of my mother and grandmother for my readings. I love reading. It’s a passion of mine and I take every question seriously. YOUR STORY MATTERS TO ME. Readings can be a helpful journey into our subconscious. I believe that the universe can give use messages in the forms of symbols. Decoding meaning in what we are experiencing is an ancient practice and therefore I use ancient and contemporary interpretive methods. I strive to be detailed and compassionate. Each reading I do, I try and take time to calculate and count my cards. I may not always include the specifics of the information but I always include the significance. Sometimes it will be card interpretation or my direct intuition I use to see things. I have taught tarot as well! If you have been doing your own readings and need help interpreting, or have any other special request, please feel free to ask! :) ❤️I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU ❤️ READINGS: love, career, life purpose, dream interpretations, and general health and well being (stress, weight loss, anxiety), sexuality, auras, and for the most part I take general questions (I.e. will I get a new car? Am I doing everything I can right now? Etc.) GUIDELINES: 1. Do not use readings as a way to “hold on” to see if a dangerous or violent partner will change. NEVER stay in abusive situations. Please contact the US national domestic abuse hotline if you are uncertain if you are being abused or are scared of an abusive partner 1-800-799-SAFE If you are depressed or suicidal I strongly urge you to contact the US National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255 2. Clarifications: one (1) related question post-reading for 24 hour/rush orders. It may be the next day I get to follow-up questions. PLEASE BE PATIENT. I DO NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS POST LIVE READINGS. (Text, video, voice). If you asked a question in chat and time ran out I can not answer that in the post chat either. People have abused that system and honestly I just don’t do it nowadays. I’m sorry about this but that’s my rules❗️ 3. I don’t read on lost items, legal advice, health questions, pregnancy (and paternity), connect with people who have passed on, death or whether someone is in harms way (missing and kidnappings included). I don’t give names. 🚫 4. I may not always have a TIMEFRAME. I usually do but sometimes that information does not show up. If so, then there is nothing I can do. Likewise, the universe doesn’t always provide answers to all of your questions but I try to do my best. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 5. Expect honesty. I may not foresee a relationship or project work out. 😳 6. If you want to see my cards, you must ask but I’m happy to show them. 😘 7. THREE (3) questions or less for video orders! If you have over three questions, I will answer only the first three. 3️⃣ 8. Please use readings responsibly and for entertainment purposes only. Readings are not meant to replace your own intuition, so do not make major life choices based on my interpretations alone. I personally read for myself as I find the cards are incredibly helpful if taken with your own intuition to guide you obstacles. 🔮🤝👍 9. I do not tolerate sarcastic, belittling, aggressive, or harassing behavior. I find it disturbing and frightening. 😰 10. If you want a specific answer, you must as a specific question. General readings tend to stay general. 🤔 13. Names are required. 😀 14. Please do not rush me. I take care of orders and reply when I can. If you submit a 24 hour PLEASE do not send repeated messages and hassle me to take care of that order before a certain time. It will not speed anything up and just makes me feel anxious. In live chat, I can only do one question at a time. Rushing me causes me to lose focus on live chat. 😫😢


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