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What is a special person feeling about you? Are you making progress in your career? The universe has messages for you, are you ready to hear them? I have 15+ years experience with Tarot. I am a Master Tarot reader. I have been using the Thoth and Hanson Roberts decks as of late. I have been greatly influenced by the work of my mother and grandmother for my readings. I love reading. It’s a passion of mine and I take every question seriously. YOUR STORY MATTERS TO ME. I strive to give you a detailed, compassionate experience. Readings can be a helpful journey into our subconscious. I believe that the universe can give use messages in the forms of symbols. Decoding meaning in what we are experiencing is an ancient practice and therefore I use ancient and contemporary interpretive methods. Each reading I do, I try and take time to calculate and count my cards. I may not always include the specifics of the information but I always include the significance. Sometimes it will be card interpretation or my direct intuition I use to see things. I have taught tarot as well! If you have been doing your own readings and need help interpreting, or have any other special request, please feel free to ask! :) ❤️I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU ❤️ READINGS: love, career, life purpose, dream interpretations, and general health and well being (stress, weight loss, anxiety), sexuality, auras, and for the most part I take general questions (I.e. will I get a new car? Am I doing everything I can right now? Etc.) GUIDELINES: 1. I do not do medical related questions (Including pregnancy/paternity).🤕 2. I do not contact people who have passed on. 😱 3. I do not answer questions regarding death/whether someone is in physical harms way (missing/kidnapping included). 😞 4. I may not always have a TIMEFRAME. Sometimes that information does not show up. If so, then there is nothing I can do. Likewise, the universe doesn’t always provide answers to all of your questions. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 5. I may not foresee a relationship or project work out. Expect me to be honest. 😓 6. Do not use my readings as a way to “hold on” to see if a dangerous or violent partner will change. That is irresponsible. NEVER stay in abusive situations. 😢 7. If you want to see my cards, you must ask. I love explaining the cards but in a 3 minute video this is impractical to go through them one by one. 🤯 8. THREE (3) questions or less for video orders! Again, time constraints may not allow us to cover more questions than that. If you have over three questions, I will answer only the first three. ⏰ 9. Please use readings responsibly. Readings are not meant to replace your own intuition, so do not make major life choices based on my interpretations alone. I personally read for myself as I find they are incredibly helpful if taken with your own intuition to guide you obstacles. 🔮🤝👍 10. I do not tolerate sarcastic, belittling, aggressive, or harassing behavior. I find it disturbing and frightening. 😰 11. Clarifications: I usually answer one (1) related question post-reading in the chat after a video order. It may be the next day I get to follow-up questions. PLEASE BE PATIENT. Too many people ask follow up questions and write reviews stating I did not answer them because they did not give me time and never correct their reviews when I do. Also, I am sorry but I am not offering clarification questions after a post live-chat or video-chat at this time. The chat closes after 1 hour and it’s ususally not enough time to get back to you guys! ⏰ 12. If you want a specific answer, you must as a specific question. 🤔 13. Names and dobs are super helpful. 😀 14. Please do not rush me. I take care of orders and reply when I can. If you submit a 24 hour PLEASE do not send repeated messages and hassle me to take care of that order before a certain time. It will not speed anything up and just makes me feel abused. In live chat, I can only do one question at a time. Rushing me causes me to lose focus on live chat. 😫😢 15. I don’t do names or lost items.


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