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❌No general readings ❌ If you need help forming a question examples are below. thank you and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Are you feeling lonely, depressed, or lost? or perhaps you feel unloved. tired of being in a unhappy relationship? or feel as if you will not find your soulmate are you feeling confused? unsure of what to do next? want to know what he/she is thinking?. I have been helping people, just like you with these and similar problems for over eleven years. I have helped many people from all walks of life. With just your name and date of birth I can give you full details on any aspect of life! A reading with me will tell you about yourself, things going on around you as an individual, people in your surroundings, through career, finances, travel, through love, marriage, and relationships, past,present,and future. I can help you get back to your balanced self receive the honest, accurate and fully detailed answers you deserve so don’t wait another moment. Call me, thank you. 🚫❌NO medical ,pregnancy,law Court jail ,custody questions. ❌ unfortunately I cannot answer any of these type of questions due to policy from the platform. ❌No general readings ❌ ⚫ example of what questions to ask and what are not preferred. ➖❌love,work, finances ❌➖ ✅ will I find someone new in 2023 ✅is poi name/dob getting back together? ✅ is poi name/do meant to be ➖work ✅do see a change in career? ✅ do you see a promotion? ✅ am I going to be getting a job soon ➖ finances ✅ do you see pay raise do you see my finances being okay. ✅ do you see me getting back on my feet. 🔶🔸🔸🔸 If you want to hear only good things do not call me. I will tell you negative things ,things you do not want to hear. If your not ready for that do not call. Go to other psychic on this site. If you do choose to call me and are unhappy with what I tell you because it is not what you wanted to hear rate me negatively if you want. But do not say hurtfull things to me because I said no to you when another psychic said yes or gave you shorter time frame. 🔸🔸🔸🔶 please be respectful. I do not describe what future partners look like.


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