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LIVE CHAT IS MUCH BETTER THEN A 1 hour rush reading. LIVE CHAT WILL GIVE YOU MORE GUIDANCE ON YOUR QUESTIONS. If you have lots of questions and you are wanting something very detailed I advise you to do a live chat with me 🙏🏼LETS DO A LIVE CHAT/VIDEOCALL MOST ACCURATE AND GIVES LOTS OF DETAILS WONT BE Disappointed ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️Please read before ordering a video for a live reading⚠️⚠️⚠️ 1. When was the last time you seen/talk to /him/her 2. Is your POI your friend? Boyfriend/girlfriend Husband/wife or an ex? 3 how long have you guys known each other for? This information will be needed in your love reading with me! There is no need for a big description or message!!!! If you are going to order a 24 hour or One hour rush reading. No need to leave me a big novel in your description. Telling me a little bit about your situation is perfectly fine no need for a big story thank you 💓 !!🛑🛑 10 minutes minimum on live calls or chats⏰ Names and Date Of Births Are Definitely Recommended if you are wanted a Detailed reading and you want guidance. i Recommend doing a live call. because a 1 hr rush Delivery will not go into detail or give advice. because i dont have enough time. Please Only ask 2 question per 24hr and 1 hr readings any Additional questions means you would need to order a new reading with me and live chat you can ask as many as you want.. ONLY 1 FOLLOW UP QUESTION AFTER A READING🔮 Please be a little detail about the question that you are going to ask me in your reading!.. FOR EXAMPLE. If you are wanting to know about he/or she Please give details about the connection that you have with he/she. like if he/she is your ex boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife ..or if this person is someone you work with... You Would also need to let me know when was the last time you had contact with this person or seen? .. All this information Will give you the best advice and guidance Questions I will Answer 💕is he/she my soulmate 🤔what is he/she thinking about me ✈ tarvel 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧family issues 💰Finances 😴 dreams ✌Goals 😊 happiness 🌠Future Questions I will not answer 🚫 Pregnancy issues 🚫 Am I going to have kids and how many 🚫 If someone has passed away and wanting to know if theres messages from them 🚫 Health issues 🚫 If you're going to win the lottery 🚫 What you are thinking or whereing LETS LIVE CHAT/VIDEO/CALL I AM AVAILABLE!!!!😊📞💬📽 Truly gifted🔮 CONTACT ME NOW! I REPLY SUPER FAST. I HAVE AMAZING ANSWERS FOR YOU...ALL READINGS TELL THE TRUTH. AND GETS TO THE POINT!!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED...ORDER A READING NOW!!! YOU WILL BE AMAZED PLEASE ONLY ASK 2 QUESTIONS IN EACH READING. I DO ONLY HAVE 3 MINUTES IN YOUR READING. SO PLEASE DONT ASK MULTIPLE QUESTIONS IF YOU HAVE ALOT OF QUESTIONS PLEASE ORDER OTHER READING ...THANK YOU... a video with your reading is always alot better. so I can better understand what's around your energy I have been gifted with the ability not only to see the Future but i can feel energy regarding love family business career past Present Future and even helping with any negative energy around you thats comeing from others!.. i grew up in a very Spiritual city of Sedona Arizona i am now in los Angeles California i am helping people from here Accomplish there goals and answering everyone's hidden questions? If you have been holding in something and need to let it out call me now! I am here to answer all types of questions. If you are wondering what he/she is feeling or thinking about you i can feel and see with just a name or date of birth. If you are looking to find out where your soulmate is at and when you will succeed in your love life I will be able to look into all these things!.. If you are confused on where you are heading in your career I am able to help guide you in the right directions. Call today for a better tomorrow.. looking forward to speak.   Hello And Welcome To My Page 😊 Having a reading with me you will Amazed. 100% accurate. and not Judgemental. I am here for you to answer any type of questions that you may have😊. I am not just a psychic but I am I spiritual friend. You can be comfortable with me And not be afraid or shy to ask whatever you may want to know about. I do not Sugarcoat any of my readings. So just so you know this reading is all for real !. I will take my time to explain everything that you need to know about. I promise you will be very satisfied with the Spiritual gift that I carry. you will not be Disappointed with this reading🌙🔮 1 Follow Up Questions After Any Reading You Are Not Alone! We all need support sometimes; life is complicated and poses difficult challenges. As you struggle to make the right decisions, uncover your true potential, and find the happiness you deserve, it’s good to know that spiritual guidance is always available to you. I am here for you ready to listen and guide you on your personal path. I can Look Into your past🔮 present 💕 Future 🙏 love❤ family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Finances/work💰 and much MORE I am also a life coach. witch means I will help coach you in the directions that you will need to head 😊 Let Me Help Find The Source Of Your Difficulties. Through The Power Of My Amazing Psychic Readings & Intuitive Gifts I Can Help Lift Your Heavy Burdens! Call Me Today📞 my psychic readings help you better understand your life in the past, present, and future, including your relationships with yourself, your partner, and your family.  Love Readings strictly discusses relationships. This is a good reading if you're not understanding what's going on with your partner or just curious about your love life. I will look into your situation and I will tell you exactly what I feel with times and dates 🕛 please be detailed in your questions with what's going on as of right now and what your wanting to know🤔 ? with names and date of births also at the ending of your reading if there was something I missed or if you did not enjoy the reading. please don't Hesitate to message me let me know so I can fix the issue before leaving a negative review 👎 I believe that all of my clients need the truth that is what psychics are about 🔮 I am here not to tell you what you just want to here so you can be happy with the reading! I am here to tell you the truth and for the information I tell you for it all to come true 🎆😊 All psychics are Different!! I am going to tell you the answer that's meant for you to here👂 thank you for reading and I cant wait to speak with you 😊 love and light 💖💡🌙


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