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‼️🔅IMPORTANT NOTE AND PLEASE READ ALL OF MY PROFILE FIRST BEFORE BOOKING A READING.🔅‼️ I’m not a ’fortune teller.’ I’m a higher dimensional channel of messages from our guides to assist in our freewill, journey and healing of blocks to manifestation. I don’t give black and white predictions because this takes your power away and defeats the whole purpose of coming to earth to learn, grow and create. Often your own Higher Self blocks certain information because it chose to grow and learn how to trust through the journey. I can only give information after reading into it that which your own higher self and guides allow me to see for your own higher good. If it’s a question from ego it won’t likely be shown due to lessons in place blocking that information so you evolve. Energy Reader, Healer and Alchemy Law of Attraction Manifestation Coach. I help with specifically Ascension and see far beyond the veil of illusions of 3D. It’s important to understand this part of how I read. I don’t offer timeframes due to my purpose in ascension and manifestation. My guides show me as we actually evolve we learn to create rather than rely on something outside telling us this. Please know what kind of energy helper I am because many are not finding this information out first. I help with deep soul connections and life purpose of the soul and manifestation. I help heal and remove blocks to reaching higher. Three minute readings are for ONE question With guidance. I can't answer so many questions to fill more than an hours worth in three minutes. If you ask more than this only the first question will be addressed. It's a short reading. I answer ONE follow up comment to clarify the question asked. I don't tell your fortune, I channel divine guidance to empower you. 🔅 As an Alchemist I do not focus on timeframes but rather the blocks that need removing first for transformation. Love is patience and kindness. Move into gratitude and you open to receiving, that is your ‘when.’ You and all others have freewill and It takes as much time as your inner healing takes so do not ask for ’when’, instead know deeply you can create change any moment because it happens through you. I will give you the tools. I only read one person, area or situation per three minute reading. Please give me a situation to work with in order to share my guidance and assistance. Time is not real. Time is not fixed! Time is changing when energy changes! In the higher dimensions, all that exists is the eternal ’NOW.’ Once you understand this you can see everything changes when your energy changes. This is exactly why timeframes are not what to focus on. Focus on shifting your energy and then you will shift your reality. 🔅Do not request a reading unless you are wanting help with your true Ascension path also. I’m not giving black and white predictions on here but looking into all dimensions and realities. My guides show me that this universe is infinite and that once you know how to release blocks your consciousness and reality can expand higher and into all possibilities. I will never say something is not your truth nor possible because that it a limitation of the mind. If this confuses you then I’m not the correct reader for you. I’m not for everyone but those on this specific path and using lessons to grow and evolve. I do not sugar coat blocks, however I also believe in healing, transmuting, and opening to all possibilities as well as working with alchemy to shift consciousness. I give the whole picture and work with how to CLEAR and CREATE in the now. 🔅About negative reviews. I can only help people to the level they are willing to help themselves. All is possible but you have to take responsibility for your own reality. I dont give black and white answers because life is not black and white. I give higher guidance to assist your own freewill in creating. Those not understanding this are usually the ones leaving negative reviews. This is why I say reading my profile information is important. You have to be ready to take responsibility as a creator, if not you might not resonate with what I have to offer. You need to know there is soul lessons unfolding on earth that will come through in this guidance. 🔅I am a Law of Attraction Coach. I can give guidance on how to attract what you want and heal blocks. I love my work, my clients and I love empowering us all to reach beyond any illusions and fear based blocks. 🔅I am not a fortune tellor, I'm an experienced channel to high level guides who assist our journey with guidance on alchemy that you can make conscious choices on. I am also a master of Law of Attraction Alchemy which will empower you to look beyond blocks and predictions but to use a reading as information to assist in creating your reality. I will not serve the ego but the higher self wanting to grow through the actual lessons we came to earth to learn. Don’t ask fortune type questions such as tell me where I will live, will he text me tomorrow, or exactly what my next boyfriend/girlfriend will look like. These are joke like questions and I do not address this. This really isn’t how spiritual gifts work unfortunately. If you are not interested in Ascension and using your experiences and relationships for growth and spiritual transformation then I am not for you. 🔅 It is a dis-service of anyone to ever tell you your dreams are impossible or that there is no hope with a romantic soul connection. Do not ever allow anyone and especially a psychic to tell you what you feel is not real or not possible at all regardless of the situation. What they have read into is the fear that blocks manifestation and then served that back. Everything is possible and every truth is valid. As an Alchemist I work very differently to most psychics. I will not feed back just blocks/predictions but tools to assist you in manifesting. You need to know the higher truth which is you and this universe are infinite and that means what you desire is actually possible and by working with energy you can actually create ANYTHING you desire! Yes, anything. This does take mastery but I’m not on here to feed you self limiting beliefs I find most people do. I’m here to empower you to step up a notch so you learn how to actually manifest clearly and with intention. This is about self mastery. For this reason timeframes become obsolete because this is the next level up from that. I’m here to show you a much higher way when it comes to working with the energies then just hoping a prediction will happen on one day... 🔅I will tell you absolutely everything in this universe is possible no matter the seeming blocks but it will require self mastery to tap into your abilities to create. I will be giving you tools to do just this. Some on here are still blocked by limiting beliefs. I often see those saying my readings are not accurate are those not understanding their true infinite potential or applying the guidance suggested first before getting back. I don’t stop a reading at the level of the block, I go beyond it to a higher potential that I can see surrounding you. My task is to educate people to not give their power away to anyone, and to truly inspire all to raise higher in evolution. 🔅 I am a Mintakan starseed With a strong connection to Orion Constellation. I’ve had many lifetimes as many different starbeings. I’m connected to many high beings and councils and they will not give me ‘fortune’ answers to serve our ego but actual gems of wisdom for your journey. This is my truth. My gifts stem back from multiple generations. I understand energy alchemy and can tap into multiple dimensions, seeing beyond illusions. I've been in many roles in past lives which have assisted in fine tuning my abilities. I will be working differently to other advisors on here. I can see the blocks but also provide ways to clear them consciously. We come to grow through certain soul connections and experiences to evolve higher in consciousness. Expect to do some inner work with me knowing your higher self is serving you at all times. 🔅Note: I will only be following up in the comments once for clarification purposes only about the original question due to other readings I also need to tend to. If you have further questions that you feel are ongoing please order another reading as it does take time to tune in and use specific guidance tools. This is an even exchange of energy to assist all. 🔅Give me enough time to get back to your comment. I can get busy on here and in life and can't respond immediately. Relax, take some breaths and have a herbal tea. I will get with you as soon as I can. 🔅Also, I do not focus on timeframe predictions because of freewill and how the ego clings to this rather than use lessons to grow. Don't give your power away to any ’psychic’ by focusing so hard on timeframes when you could be healing and creating in the now. Time is illusion as everything happens simultaneously in all directions and dimensions. Shift yourself energetically and the whole story shifts with it. Transformation occurs simultaneously to your energy shifting. Situations unfolding are not always going to be linear and at times knowing everything takes away lessons our soul chose to grow through which is why we don’t always get told an exact date from our guides. Be open to learning what needs to be cleared first in order to align and manifest. 🔅 I do not read multiple people within one short reading because it can confuse the energies and again it’s only 3 minutes to work with. It’s in your best interest to get separate readings for each person you are inquiring about for clarity. 🔅I'm a spiritual advisor, empath, alchemist, life coach and healer helping you to create your own future. My guidance will always go beyond to help you heal deeper core wounds. I am non-judgmental so you can come to me and know I will always look beyond just the surface and into the soul of all involved. I am a healer of energy blockages and work with energy alchemy. I am very different to most advisors. I'm not here as a simply a future predictor in a superficial sense. I work on multidimensional levels and with very high level guides that bypasses the ego in this sense and there is no one set outcome in stone as you go along your freewill path on earth. There are many probable outcomes to future because it’s the energy right NOW that creates it. I am not here to tell you what to do with your life, but to read the energy so you can make your own conscious choices. I help with these areas: 💜 Life Purpose & Career 💜 Abundance & Money 💜 Healing and Wellness 💜 Soul Relationships 💜 Past life readings 💜 Dream readings 💜 Ascension and Spiritual Growth 💜 Creating your reality through Intention 💜 Energy Alchemy 💜 Rituals for specific manifestation 💜 Spiritual counselling 💜 Energy clearing and balancing 💜 Akashic Records 🔅Please only address one area per reading. For instance, focus on your love life or your career... Not both. Also do not ask me to read multiple men/women as potential suitors. When you do this, the energy becomes very diluted and the focus less intense. Choose one person/situation you want clarity on and get another reading for another person/situation. These are very short three minute readings and want we strong focus pulled through. 🔅I am not a pregnancy or death predictor.


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