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Greetings My name is ✨Celeste welcome to my Purple Ocean profile. ✨I am a 3rd generation spiritual advisor and I inherited my gifts from my Great-grandfather. ✨As an Oracle, I offer guidance and insight into your situation to get you through this particular moment. ✨I divine allowing my higher self to lead me through the reading showing me any extra information that is helpful and use the tarot cards to focus the energy. ✨Whether in relationship, career, or in general I have the ability to tap into your energy to tell you how your past influences your present and future and give you insight and direction on how to improve situations. ✨You will find this clarity invaluable. I am non-judgemental and provide a safe environment for all of my clients. ✨If you are feeling lost, looking for answers about your career, love life, or in general I am the person for you. ✨I will give you honest answers for questions that have been confusing you and help you identify blockages that will lead you to a happier future. 🕉 I invite you to contact me. . . I DO NOT PREDICT, I GIVE INSIGHT AND GUIDANCE! 💫I provide answers to your questions with a straight forward, free-flowing approach. With my intuition and tarot, I can help you gain insight into your issue while providing guidance to aid you in making a wiser decision. 💫NO SPIRIT WORK OF ANY KIND 💫NO PREGNANCY/HEALTH QUESTIONS 💫NO LEGAL QUESTIONS 💫NO TIMELINE QUESTIONS 💫NO 3RD PARTY INSIGHT 💫I'll answer no more than 1 follow up question in comments that are related to the original reading. 🔮I know the message is not for me so I read the cards and trust my intuition. 👉🏾Do not contact me if you can not handle the truth or expect me to say what you want to hear. 👉🏾Please remember I am 💫intuitive NOT a mind reader.


Love readings, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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