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I specialise in the following: πŸŒ‘ All things Love, Romance, and Heartbreak πŸŒ’ Guidance to your Soul Purpose and the journey it shall bring πŸŒ“ Harnessing the Law Of Attraction and the Akashic Records πŸŒ” Spirit Animal Guidance πŸŒ• Delivering messages from passed over Loved Ones πŸŒ–Decoding your Dreams Please keep your query for me specific and clear. Doing so will give you a precise and accurate reading experience with me. TIP! The best way to connect with me is via the TXT chat option. I am a very quick typer and I feel my clients get the most out of this option with me. It also allows us to go back and forth and gain as much information as possible during our time together. In 24HR Readings we only have 3 minutes! So that doesn't give me a whole lotta time to give you the information I get about you and your situation. So please, to avoid quick answers with lack of detail, keep your question to the point and only focus on one thing. However, If you're okay with that, that is okay with me too! Although, I really would love to give you as much information and guidance as possible during our time together. πŸ“Œ Life is a rollercoaster and sometimes the answers I get for you won't be what you wanna hear, don't give me a negative review on the basis of that, I don't choose your future, YOU DO. My role here is to let you know of any barracades or crossroads ahead and to help you get through them and onto the best path for you in this lifetime. πŸ“Œ Please follow the Purple Ocean rules. This means no questions regarding legal issues, health and medical advice, and/or pregnancy related questions. Yes, I can share with you when, if and how you will get married BUT in this world we have this thing called FREE WILL. So yes, of course I can give you a timeframe and any other nitty gritty, but ultimately you may choose to change this. Keep that in mind, this pertains to all readings with every Psychic you will work with. Nothing is set in stone, that is the beauty of free will. So you may wonder why one would bother getting psychic readings then? Well, what a Psychic reading is meant to do is let you in on the journey ahead of you and how you can make the most of it. Help you heal and deal with the past and prepare you for the future by divinely guiding you during the present.


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