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Twinflame, Soulmate, Divine Counterpart reader, coach and guide. Has this felt like a hot cold push pull running chasing type of connection? A connection stronger than others? Do you see signs and synchronicities? Feeling each other’s energy when apart? Although this has been deeply challenging and triggering it feels like you both keep being pulled back like this is divinely guided or meant to be? 🙏🏼✨ I’d love to speak on this further and guide you on how best to navigate it and get yourself out of the back and forth energy. If you are chasing their communication or energetically via an attachment to readings aboot them or your life is stagnating or overwhelming due to their inconsistencies and low vibe patterns, MY PURPOSE IS TO HELP YOU SHIFT THIS. You gotta shift it for UNION. If these questions resonate please contact me via phone or video I’m available M-Sat 9a-5p MST It’s best to turn your notifications on so you are alerted when I’m available as I stay very busy with back to back calls. Live calls are vital if the above resonates with your situation as the prerecorded readings are just brief introductory readings and I can’t even cover the tip of the iceberg in 3 minutes. For a brief introductory pretecorded reading, please provide names and a maximum of 3 questions per read. If you’re aware you’re in a Twinflame connection, express that to me so we can cut to the important messages. I am a detailed, thorough, HONEST coach with no sugarcoating. My speciality is not to feed you answers that don’t allow for the positive change you’re seeking in your life but to transform you to actually take action on how to transform yourself and your connection. This is not fortune telling, due to free will, there’s actually no such thing; so never give up your power and intuition to any reader who gives end all, be all, black and white, yes/no answers to your questions; as those aren’t true nor authentic. I specialize in Twinflame guidance, love and relationship guidance, life coaching, career and purpose guidance in a very safe, private, open minded, non judgmental space. I would love for you to allow me to guide you in the direction of your highest good. I will provide brief clarity after the reading only regarding a previous call. If you have an additional question, that will require an additional call. If I do not respond to your message it is ONLY because the messaging has expired for said order and at that point I’m not able to. Thank you. I’m a twinflame coach and intuitive mindset coach. I’m here to help you release your attachment to readings so that you can magnetize a whole new reality in life and beyond. Yes if you have an attachment to seeking clarity via readings youre feeding low vibrational energy so as long as you feed that you’re going to continue to create the same reality in life and love. I guide individuals who are on the verge of realizing their wholeness and power, feeling stuck in stagnant repetitive patterns in life, feeding attachments to relationships by energetically chasing or obsessing over an emotionally unavailable, unreciprocated partner or life circumstance outside of themselves, to release overthinking/obsessing patterns and fear, who have a desire to fully make themselves their top priority, dive into their inner work and fully embody their authenticity, to call in the higher vibrational, abundant life awaiting them, by healing from trauma (ancestral childhood and breakups), balance their inner masculine and feminine energies to raise their vibration by turning limited beLIEfs into empowering ones and healing wounds to fully awaken this dormant, divine power within bursting to be expressed! These BeLIEfs, unconscious ancestral programs we still have running through our system get trapped in our bodies and express themselves through our nervous system as fear, doubt, sadness, anxiety, shame and self sabotage. This hamster wheel of low vibrational life circumstances continues to repeat until YOU break the cycle. unblock your connection to our inner divine source to attracting peace, love, abundance and success! I help you raise your frequency to Embody your Divine Feminine Essence to Magnetize Peace & your Full Potential! I am for you if you want to: CLOSE THE CHAPTER on feeling stuck, stagnant or even bound to your current life circumstances, feeling insecure and anxious about your future and OPEN to flow, movement and growth; excited, empowered, energized and motivated to build your divine empire…RELEASE fearing uncertainty and the unknown and EMBODY deep trust, surrender and allowance for the divine path…STOP accepting treatment and relationship circumstances less than you deserve; experiencing negative, low vibrational repeating cycles continuing to resurface in love and life to START living your fullest divine feminine embodiment, where all you align with is in line…END seeking love in people or things outside yourself in others to BEGIN harnessing the peace, power in love within you in order to magnetize divine love and prosperity to you…TRANSFORM feeling overwhelmed by anxious, repetitive thought loops obsessing over the past and future INTO peace, presence, balance and connection to self. There’s an easier way…You're ready to stop settling for 'ok' and level up so you can finally experience…Feeling free of the heavy weight of the triggers, patterns and life circumstances that hold you hostage; A safe, warm, compassionate, non-judgmental, confidential space for you to FEEL SEEN, no longer feeling alone on your journey; and waking up everyday KNOWING you are a GOD(DESS) and FEELING like one too! It’s time to stop holding yourself back from your full potential! My insight is meant to support you in healing to embody the frequency of your fullest divine feminine goddess energy, where all you align with is in line!  Take the next step, call me Via voice or video to begin!


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