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💥♥️Guidance From Your Ancestors ♥️💥 My readings are multi-dimensional and often carry with them spiritual gifts that you will experience long afterwards. My readings are meant to ✨EMPOWER YOU WITH CLEAR INSIGHTS✨that you will need to make powerful decisions about your life. Please understand that the clearer I am about your situation, the better questions I can ask and the clearer insights I will receive. If I am unclear I will ask you questions so that I don’t have to guess what you want but can provide you with clear insight and advice. If you feel that I shouldn’t ask questions or that I should know what you want and need, I thank you for your interest but I do not feel that I am well suited to read for you. As always, please take appropriate responsibility for your own health and happiness and respect your own intuitive guidance and instincts. ✨REALITY IS FLUID AND DYNAMIC. ✨Details should not be misconstrued as absolute or concrete. Any timeframes or details given should be thought of loosely as general reference points and guidelines to help you better navigate and understand your life and relationships. Please ask for what you need, I will do what I can to get answers for you. I provide transformational readings in all areas of life including career and business, wellness and personal development. Please understand ⭐️⭐️I DO NOT ANSWER medical questions or provide mental health advice (I am not a physician, licensed mental health professional or psychiatrist). ⭐️⭐️ I DO NOT ANSWER legal questions, provide information about lawsuits or legal matters (I am not an attorney). ⭐️⭐️ I DO NOT give lottery ticket numbers or provide financial or investment advice (I am not a financial advisor). ⭐️⭐️ I DO NOT provide mediumship, healing or location sessions through this venue. ❤️I WILL MATCH YOU 100% I will put 100% into your reading. I will be straightforward and honest. I will also be compassionate and kind. (One does not exclude the other and both are often needed in challenging times.) I will ask powerful questions so that you get the clarity you need in your life. YOU+Me+Spirit=1000% Phenomenal Will you meet me in the middle? Will you keep your mind and heart open? Will you tell the Truth <> No holding back or playing games? Will you expect amazing things and stay open to receiving powerful messages from the angels, the ancestors and your spirit guides? ❤️ I WILL ANSWER two questions about one specific topic. Examples: My partner and I get in arguments about money, often. I’m afraid it’s going to break us up. What can we do? I want to attract my life partner/soulmate? How will I meet them? I’m confused about my life. What am I doing wrong? Am I on the right path? What should I be doing differently? ❤️ I WILL ANSWER two follow up questions that arise up to 48 hours after your reading. ❤️ I WILL ANSWER one additional question to help you clarify your “next steps” when you book a follow up reading after this session. Just provide me the date of your previous reading and an update so that I can suggest questions to take into your next reading with me. That’s three questions/one topic.


Angel insights, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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