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🔆Please read my profile before you order 🔆My abilities are connecting to the energies of others that I am able to do naturally but do incorporate runes, pendulums and tarot. Once i am connected I am able to pick up on quite a lot of information but most strongly the feelings of others. If you are wondering how a significant other feels about you, then I feel that is where my strengths are 🔆I have been reading tarot for almost 10 years and have even started teaching it since about a year ago. 🔆My live prices might seem high but do my best to answer your questions as directly and quickly as possible. The average call length is 2 min and the average text length is about 5 a lot of times less. 🔆My readings are based on current energies. For example if I say I see you and Ur significant other breaking up and you do everything in your power to change you can get a different result. 🔆For live readings I recommend the voice call option because I can relay a lot more information in a much shorter duration. I also find there are less misunderstandings


Astrology & Horoscopes, Relationship coaching, Tarot readings

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