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Psychic Love Expert, Relationship Advisor. PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR ORDER.  Thank you for considering me for your reading. I’ve been gifted with the ability to read energies and auras and have been working with my guides doing intuitive readings for many years. I provide insight and advice to help you reach clarity in romantic and personal relationships.    I do my readings based on what I am shown at that moment in time. To experience the changes we seek we need to take action. As there is not enough time in the three minute reading to sift through all the energy and get to the source I do not do general readings. Please provide full background information to your situation. Holding back key information means the path to that energy can be blocked: psychically you do not want me to see it. Your openness is key to opening the energy path.  Please provide me with no more than two questions and, if applicable, the name and age or DOB of one POI. For short readings there is no time to read more than one POI or answer more than two questions. I only read on one topic. I am unable to provide readings on medical, legal, and pregnancy issues. I do not do readings for children, career, finance, and third parties. Complete details are listed in the ordering information. Please do not scroll past this information before submitting your order. Know that I can only tell you what I am shown. Sometimes this may not be what you want to hear, yet it will give you the knowledge you need to move forward. If you feel unable to hear guidance that is contrary to your expectations, then I am not the advisor for you. I will only tell you what spirit reveals. I don't guarantee to provide timelines because I can only provide them if they are revealed by spirit. In order to change our circumstances, there is action that must be taken. Use the guidance from spirit when considering the actions you may take.


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