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Psychic Love Expert, Relationship and Life Coach I’m a born psychic and energy reader and have been working with my guides as a psychic channel doing intuitive readings, energy healing, and life coaching for many years. I will use a combination of these skills to provide you non-biased and non-judgmental insight and advice to help you reach clarity in romantic and personal relationships. ❗️IMPORTANT: ❗️ 
❗️❗️❗️NAMES, AGE (or date of birth) OF YOURSELF AND POI MUST BE PROVIDED ❗️NO Medical, Pregnancy, Legal, Finance related, Career, Under age, Lost items, Mediumship, Twin Flame readings. ❗️TWO questions per order on the same topic. ❗️No more than two POIs ❗️No 3rd party readings - for example your ex’s new girlfriend. ❗️NO GENERAL READINGS (e.g., when will I meet my soul mate, I just met this guy - will we get married, and so on.) ❗️Specific questions with background required. What is going on, are you communicating, have you been blocked on social media. In short, what is going on in this relationship that leads you to this reading. We only have 3 minutes for video readings so it’s important to know where to immediately focus. ❗️Please don’t ask questions about someone whom you’ve never spoken with, haven’t spoken to in a long time, or whom you don’t know. It will be very difficult to get an energetic reading from them. ❗️No more than two clarifying questions. Please do not ask new questions as these require new readings and will not be answered. Clarification will only be given on the questions in the order. ❗️You have free will. I can’t make your decisions for you. I will provide you with the insight for you to make your own informed decision. Holding back key information means the path to that energy can be blocked: psychically you do not want me to see it. Your openness is key to opening the energy path. Time is fluid and subject to change in an instant based on actions taken, or not taken. I only provide timelines if they are revealed by spirit.


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