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πŸ’—βšœπŸ’—βšœπŸ’—βšœπŸ’—βšœπŸ’—βšœπŸ’—βšœπŸ’—βšœπŸ’—βšœπŸ’—βšœπŸ’—βšœπŸ’— if you need help I have the ability to see what is taking place in your love Life, if you are looking for answers wondering if you are on your right path or what will become of this relationship or what they truly think and how they truly feel about you. I will tell you the truth I will not tell you what you want to here but only tell you the truth. that is why many people come to my guide that I may give them clarity and answers. in your reading I will find a clarity and understanding you need on matters that concern you the most. I can look into your future and tell you if you are on your right path in your love life. When ordering a reading please be detailed and try to focus on that one person that you want answers on and I will give you the most accurate answers that I see regarding your situation. If You Dont Want To Hear The Truth Then I'm Not The Advisor For You. Remember to never put your life on hold for strictly anyone, As long as they don't put theirs on hold for you. Unless you're treated with the utmost respect as a priority in someone's life, being in option shouldn't be an option. When both our spiritual guides delivery message through us advisers it goes out through hints and we Do the best we can and to interpret It for you, hence the utmost importance U be true and open about the situation you search clarity for, especially if it's a complicated one. If I don't get back to you in the comments please know that I am busy with other clients please be patient and I will get back as soon as I can. ⚠️Please read before ordering⚠️ πŸ’œLove Readings OnlyπŸ’œ 🚫I Do Not Give Time Line as free willAnd your own actions do factor In the outcome of a situation please DO NOT Ask "WHEN" 🚫I Do NOT Answer questions or do reading pertaining to pregnancy babies or children for that is ((God's )) Territory 🚫Nor do I answer questions pertaining to legal matters/or the law. 🚫I Do not answer questions about health 🚫 I do not give out time frames because of the fact of Free Will and it can change an altered the effect of things. 🚫 I dont do general readings ⚜My specialties are ⚜Love ⚜Marriage ⚜Divorce ⚜Relationships ⚜Soulmates ⚜TwinFlame πŸ’—βšœπŸ’—βšœπŸ’—βšœπŸ’—βšœπŸ’—βšœπŸ’—βšœπŸ’—βšœπŸ’— All readings are private & confidential. I am looking forward to our session together Many Blessings to you πŸ’œ


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