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Do you Desire Clarity? Find Answers to your questions Brought to you straight from your Subconscious... Translated through the tools of Tarot and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). I WILL answer your Specific Question. And, if I feel there may be a better, more Self-Empowering question that needs answering, in order to take Personal Responsibility, I will usually sneak that in there as well. While we cannot change or control others, what we CAN do is change and control Ourselves and our Habitual Patterns, Limiting Beliefs, and programming. Let me help you do that. As stated above, I specialize in helping you Recognize your Programs/Patterns/Habits/Trances, and help you CHANGE them if that's what you want to do (and you do have to WANT it). In live call (phone or video) you can expect complete FOCUS on YOU. I will LISTEN, I will answer any specific questions You may have using Tarot and a Pendulum. And we may go down an NLP/ Hypnosis rabbit hole, To address a limiting belief, If that is something You wish to explore further. * Please keep the 24-hour, or Rush-Order (ecorded videos) to One Question each; Two, if you don't mind the answers being very brief. These are 3 min videos after all. 🙃 *A note on messaging after videos: I do not mind answering one or two Simple, YES or NO, clarifying/ follow-up questions, or to Briefly clear up anything you found confusing in the reading. *Live calls: You have my Focus. Always. That being said, I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter. When it is daylight hours PST, every now and then, she may interrupt with a 5 year old "emergency" of some type, or just show up and be in the room I always have earbuds in and she will not be able to hear you if that happenes. Very rarely, I may need to cut the call short and give my attention back to her. Please be understanding in regards to daytime mom responsibilities. Many thanks, And Namaste. *On Purple Ocean/Garden we are NOT allowed to answer Medical or Legal questions, nor are we allowed to give Financial advice. So don't ask. 😉 *Any negative reviews will result in a ban that will not allow me to read for you again. Please be kind. Always. 🙏


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