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What can you expect from my spiritual readings and consultation really honest no sugarcoating with my readings I will tell you what I see not what you want to hear...PLEASE DONT COMPARE ME WITH OTHER READERS...I ONLY GIVE TIME FRAMES IF THE SPIRITUAL GUIDES ALLOW....all I would need is your name and birthday this will help me to get in tune with your energy and my spirit guides will help me to connect with you....PLEASE BE SPECIFIC WITH YOUR QUESTIONS.....NOT A QUESTION THAT IS WHAT DO YOU SEE IN MY FUTURE PLEASE BE SPECIFIC if you are confused and need clarity on any area or areas in your life I will help you to get clarity and direction to give you a peace of mind if you are ready for the truth and honest answer please feel free to get in contact with me for your own personal psychic reading..


Dream analysis, Relationship coaching, Psychic readings

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