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**** This weeks PROMO- Video recorded Sound Ascension Channeled Session $10***ends April 2nd My goal is to provide you with a clear accurate guidance. I have the ability to channel and connect directly with ascended masters and your guides to provide you with real-time information. It is easy for me to answer direct questions and be specific for you so ask as much as you need to know within the time allotted and we can always clarify later on. Please understand that I don’t traditionally work with those that have crossed over. If you ask me to help you Receive a message from some loved one know that I am more connected to their higher self then I would be them as they were on earth. I am more capable of talking to ascended masters, star beings and divine energy. if that is what wish to connect you with I will offer you guidance on your path.


Oracle guidance, Psychic readings, Love readings

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