Mila Magdalene

Intuitive Tarot Readings, Energy Reading, Astrology + Dream Interpretation
13.6h average response
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About my services

I provide intuitive, Astrological Tarot readings. My topics of specialty include Life Path, Past Lives, Shadow + the Inner Self, Love and Relationships, Numerology and Dream Interpretation. ⚜️ Provide me with up to 3 questions or a general concern and I will consult the cards, your astrological chart and my spirit guides to provide you with insight. I cannot tell you the future (this includes specific names, dates and times or definite yes or no answers), what someone is thinking or "make" something happen - what I can do is illuminate the signs I read from the mystical and spiritual arts to provide powerful insight and guidance to you.


Relationship coaching, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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