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I am a very honest psychic/intuitive counselor, teacher and spiritual advisor. I use my gifts of claircognizance (thoughts from spirit), clairvoyance (the gift of sight, I.e. seeing the future and truth in situations,) clairaudience (audible messages from spirit), and clairsentience (divine knowing and wisdom from spirit,) to answer questions, give guidance, and bring peace. Sometimes messages can be hard to hear, if you ask me something like “will we get back together?” And you don’t like the response you get, I only ask that you don’t shoot the messenger. Be careful of asking questions you don’t want to know the answers to. 🔮💕💫 🌜🌜I do not do exact timelines, what I see is based on current energy patterns. Energy is constantly shifting/changing and because of that I do not give dates. Video questions and/or specific details as to what you are inquiring about is required for me to give the most accurate message I can. Talk about the situation as if you are telling a good friend, I want to give you the best reading possible. I will answer 1 clarifying question after the reading if need be.🌛🌛 I rely upon my spirit guides and the Holy Angels to bring clarity to any situation and tell my clients exactly what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. I can help with: breaking unhealthy patterns, relational issues, infidelity, finding your purpose, spiritual growth, identifying and releasing what no longer serves your soul’s greatest good, relationship issues, conflict within the home, and mental/internal struggles. ❤️My purpose in life is to help people reach their highest potential and realize how truly worthy they are of love and success. I look forward to meeting those of you who feel pulled to me! Blessed be.❤️


Tarot readings, Love readings, Oracle guidance

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