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⛯ welcome to my page! ⛯ I am an Andromedan starseed that specializes in tarot. I do readings on relationships, love, and healing. 🌈 I am not your traditional twin flame reader, my beliefs on the subject are highly controversial. I have made predictions that have come to pass, and I do seek primarily to help people with my gifts 💖 *do keep in mind I am primarily a tarot reader, I use abilities to aid but not primarily ability driven readings* 🌹✨ LIVE SALE: ✨🌹 chat orig.: 7.99 SALE: 4.99 voice orig. : 10.49 SALE: 8.99 guidelines: ✨ for video readings: 2 questions only please! in message box: 2 CLARIFYING questions only. no extra questions, that requires a follow up reading. ✨ for poi's: you MUST have actually met them and spoken to them within the past 2 years. I will not connect to celebrities. ✨ be honest and forthright about your question, "testing" is dishonest and only creates a disconnect between the advisor and your question ✨ please be clear and concise about what you're asking/want to know, I will not play guessing games. also no general/vague questions, tarot is best used for situational questions. I am not a mind reader, I am a tarot reader, I only know as much as the cards will tell me. if you provide only vague/minimal information, you will receive a vague reading. ✨ I often repeat phrases and words, it isn't intended to "buffer", spirit just likes to repeat to get the message across sometimes. ✨ I do not sell fairy tales, I read the energy of the cards and sometimes they say things that you will not like hearing - recent bad reviews are due to this, so please keep this in mind before requesting a reading❗I will not tell you what you want to hear❗ - ✨ do NOT come to me with preconceived notions or a closed mind, that is not what readings are for. I am here to HELP, not enable your reality. I also do not provide twin flame confirmations for this reason. I do not normally provide time frames for my readings, as I don't want to give you false hope/a wrong answer, I also will not do readings surrounding timeframes however, please take any timeframes with a grain of salt as we are reading the current energies of the situation and energy can always change and the outcome isn't set in stone 🏵️


Psychic readings, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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