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Please read before having a reading with me. 🍁 Tarot card readings Tarot cards are exceptional at revealing what is up ahead for you by way of specifying how you will feel in the future. First names are required, background is not. Type of relationship is helpful as some cards will have one meaning for a romantic relationship and if its a work relationship, there would be another meaning to apply to that context. I am concise and to the point, sharing exactly what the cards show is coming up for you. This is a more accurate way to do a reading as opposed to direct questions. You can ask direct questions if you like however if the cards aren’t giving an answer, I’m not going to make up an answer because that’s not an honest reading. How can I say this so its clear…IM HONEST AND DO NOT DO FAIRY TALES… 🍁 I do not monitor the message / comment box, please ask your question during the reading itself. There’s far too many of you, and only one of me, not to mention the box is temporarily avail and sometimes not avail at all. So please keep your questions and comments within the reading so that we can be sure I actually see it and can also reply! 🍁 If you ask “will i get this specific job?” or “how will this specific date go?” what shows up in your reading MAY apply to another job or another date in the future. It’s just something I’ve noticed happen fairly often so keep that in mind. 🍁 cards pick up BITS AND PIECES of whats AHEAD. They will not reveal everything. You can expect that it will show how you will feel in the future about your situation, and sometimes there will be a bit of symbolic energy that isn’t cut and dry so if thats the case ill explain that to you as well. But the bottom line is, time and time again callers tell me my readings took a bit of time to make sense, so be patient please. 🍁 Lastly before calling, its important to understand that I do not use traditional tarot meanings and I am more about what the meanings have proven themselves to be within the cards rather than relying on what meanings are according to a book.


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