Donna Twin-Flame Master

Spiritualist Donna
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About my services

How would you make a connection with me? ——————————————————— I have always found that the best way of making a connection with a person is by asking their name and date of birth. This information helps me to single out your energy, so that I can work more effectively for you. If you are willing to participate in an open and honest environment, our connection will be strong. ———————————————————- What should I expect from a reading with you? ——————————————————— Guidance! That is what you can expect from a reading with me. I promise not to sugar coat things. I am honest, and together we will work to get to the root of your situation. I will be able to give you information about what the path in front of you looks like and empower you with actionable advice to achieve the outcomes that you desire. ——————————————————— What is your reading style? ——————————————————— My reading style is just like having a conversation with a trusted friend. I will be supportive. My goal is to be direct, and to tell the hard truth in a loving and supportive way.


Relationship coaching, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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