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Please note: I will not do any video orders without full birth information. This will result in half baked results. Last 2 bad reviews as clients saying I did not provide much info was the result of not providing information as with video readings, I do both the birth chart and tarot cards and takes me up to 20-45 minutes as the chart is ver complex. I take my readings very serious and so should you. Evolutionary Astrology is the map of your life. Using your birth date, place of birth and birth location, I can tell you the potential of what lies ahead. Along with tarot cards to support your chart to get at the issues and solutions in order for you to lead a full filling life that you deserve. I use people energies to tap into what is going on. I will try my best on timing. In my spreads can show what will occur soon (weeks or a few months), I won't give an exact date or day. And what the potential future holds in 6 months, maybe a tad longer or sooner depending on events. No questions on pregnancy, health or legal issues. Please consult a professional on those matters. If I do see anything pertaining to these energies, I will let you know so you can be aware. I am an energy reader using tarot cards. God gave us our birth chart as the road map. It gives you the choices, like "here's the menu, what are you having?". Two questions per video. Only one follow up question allowed. In chat, please do not rapid fire questions, they will be ignored. I can only focus on one question at a time. Accurate birth date, birth time and place of birth and your first name and person of interest if applicable. Questions on one person per video order. That is you and another only.


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