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Intuitive Tarot + Oracle Card Readings for Love + Life Purpose
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About my services

Intuitive Tarot + Oracle card readings for love including Twin Flame and Divine Counterpart / Soulmate connections, Life Purpose or Career, Soul Empowerment and general guidance. ▪️I work with Tarot and Oracle decks in every reading, typically using 3-4 decks total. I have many decks and use whatever decks I’m intuitively drawn to for the reading based on your energy. ▪️I work only in the realm of unconditional love and Source energy, I call in Angels and the highest selves of those involved to channel my guidance. Because I work with the celestial/angelic realm I very rarely get into timing as time is a human construct. My readings will never be based around fear but around empowerment and unconditional love of self and others. I believe love and compassion will heal the world! ▪️I try to offer actual healing and real world guidance to my clients and not just ego based answers or predictions. YOUR journey is about YOU and your connection to God/Source; about reconnecting with the unconditional love you have inside of you. My readings are meant to help you have faith in your journey and God’s plan while still being honest and compassionate. ▪️Being an amateur astrologer, I also love to incorporate astrology into my readings! 🌿 Joy and peace are your birthright. We are never separate from God, we only believe we are, and that belief keeps us stuck in the dimension of sorrow as we over identify with the self and our past experiences and perceptions. When one can come to understand that they’re always connected to God and never separate, the self whom identifies with fear and sorrow will cease to exist and only pure love and peace will remain, illuminating your true essence. ✨DISCLAIMER: I am not a fortune teller, you ultimately have control of your own life and future. Your path is fated and will unfold regardless, please never give your power away to a reading or a reader. Please take what resonates and disregard what doesn’t. Always rely on your intuition and not on your fear. God will always guide you forward in a POSITIVE way, even if there may be challenges or a fear of moving backwards. Spiritual growth is challenging by nature, this is the path your Soul chose. All is love and light when you embrace your journey with love and grace.✨


Angel insights, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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