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πŸ‘Ό Angel Messages: Yes PLEASE READ before booking for appropriate advisor. πŸ‘ΌI channel Angels and focus on the NOW of what going on with lessons. πŸ›‘ ⚠️ I DO NOT do Predictions/Feeling Questions. No future tripping; I focus on the NOW. That is where the power is. πŸ‘Ό I channel Angel Messages best for Loving people who appreciate Angels and me as the messenger ⚠️ I reserve the right to decline channeling if I do not feel a connection with you or you leave a negative review which creates karma on you. Love always wins. ⚠️ I do NOT read in these areas: black magic, addictions, money problems, criminal cases, medical or heavy negativity. πŸ‘Ό I specialize in Angels, relationships, love, career, spirituality, personal development, numerology πŸ’— WHAT I OFFER: I provide Angel Messages directly from the Angels on: πŸ‘Ό Spiritual evolution for higher frequency living πŸ‘Ό Current lessons learning through self awareness πŸ‘Ό Meaning of numbers πŸ‘Ό Improving relationships or preparing for a new one πŸ‘Ό I only do readings as a medium if it comes in during the reading. PREPARATION FOR ACCURATE READINGS: πŸ’— I require month and days of birthday for all those in question. πŸ’— Please ask clear questions with minimal amount of story behind the questions. πŸ’— For RELATIONSHIP questions, Include time frames on how long together and/or apart. πŸ’— Don’t type when I channel. I will let you know when done channeling with the word OK. Live chat, phone or video is best for general readings and continuous questions. I channel the Angels while doing the paid reading. I am always happy to provide clarification if needed RIGHT after the reading, yet know as time goes on I won’t remember what they said. Any new questions will require a new paid reading. Also on Bitwine πŸ’•


Relationship coaching, Angel insights

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