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🙏🏼❌🚫🔥 No timeframes will be given Hi friends…I need to reiterate this... Your chat reading is not to be continued in the comments section. If I have time (I get quite busy or need to get offline) and the comments box DOES NOT close, which often it does (important to note sometimes it closes on my end and not yours and you cannot see that!), I will clarify two questions. ❌ DO NOT ASK WHEN QUESTIONS. Many of my regular clients understand this and have learned that it actually works to not focus on an outcome or the timing of something because when we do it can push things away and when we don’t it can raise our vibe and bring what we want to us. Hello beautiful soul! Make sure I'm the right Advisor for you! Read through this please. MOST IMPORTANT POINTS: 🙏🏼 VALUE YOURSELF 🙏🏼 Vague questions = vague reading. Please provide context. 🙏🏼 Putting more effort in than you’re getting is a sign to step back or move on. 🙏🏼 Chats are NOT TO BE CONTINUED in the comment section. The comment section also closes and there’s a good chance I may be in other chats and can’t answer you. 🙏🏼 2 CLARIFYING questions for 3 minute videos 🙏🏼If you've recently met your POI please know that I’ll pick up potential and/or possible paths. 🙏🏼 This isn’t a negative thing, but most men that I tune in to do not have intentions. Asking what somebody’s intentions are that you don’t have a solid connection (although sometimes it may still be while you are in a relationship of years) with is likely going to elicit an answer like “they are taking it day by day, or seeing where it goes”. Unlike women who tend to project into the future and wondering what’s going to happen, men don’t do that as often. ☯️ I read energy. I don't read minds or have a crystal ball to make long term or fairy tale predictions about “is he the one”, “Will we grow old together”? ⚠️Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Please do not make life altering decisions because of a reading. ☯️ No reading will be 100% accurate. Energies shift and change daily so not every prediction will come true. ❌❌I DO NOT predict time frames in most readings. ❌❌ ⚠️I won't know of your POI is having an affair unless there's love energy between them. I can't read on "are they seeing anyone else" without a name. ⚠️Please don't say... this reader said this and this reader said that. You’re coming to me to see my Intuitive outlook. ☯️NO yes/no QUESTIONS...I will pull the energy but it’s not always that black or white. 🙏🏼Do not ask "when" questions as timing is fluid. ⚠️Do not ask about intimacy between other people. Spirit doesn't snoop like that. ❌ Per Purple Ocean policies, no questions about health, pregnancy or legal issues ❌ ⚠️I also may not be able to answer job, test or school interview outcomes including will I lose my job. There are too many factors that go into this and basically it is a yes/no question. ☯️ Please don't comment "??" if I don't answer you right away. I have a life and work quite a bit so will get to you when I'm able. The comment section MAY EXPIRE on my end before yours. ❌❌❌🚫🚫🚫☹If you leave a negative review I reserve the right to not read for you again. This is an exchange of energy. If you leave a smile with a negative review that means it's likely best to not come back to me.❌❌❌❌


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