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Hello beautiful soul! ⚠️⚠️⚠️PLEASE READ⚠️⚠️⚠️ through before choosing me ⚠️⚠️⚠️Unfortunately most of my negative reviews are from 5 minute readings in chat. While I'll do my best, I can't promise that I'll explain your entire situation in that time frame. It's recommended to have some information ready for me to read so I can give you the best reading for your time. ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️I read energy. I don't read minds or have a crystal ball to make big predictions about your future. ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ ⚠️I DO NOT promise time frames. I'll tell you what comes up, but as every advisor here will tell you, they can change with free will and external circumstances. If you come to me saying, you said a few months, I'll kindly remind you that time frames are FLUID. ⚠️I'm not a mind reader. Did I mention that? 😊 I read energy, not specific thoughts people are having. Asking for specific thoughts or specifics at all is not how my readings work. ⚠️Since my gift is based on energy future predictions are never all readers will tell you there is free will and external circumstances that can shift things at any time. ⚠️I'm not going to forsee the far future. Predictions are based on energy... the next FEW WEEKS TO MONTHS. (I will say that again and again). Yours, your POI, or other people involved. I do not make long term predictions. ⚠️If something comes up in your question, in your narrative or video, the comments, or your review that was covered here, I'll ask that you please come back and read this through. ⚠️2 clarifying questions for 3 minute videos. ⚠️Follow up questions in live CHATS... it depends. There's only an hour for these. It's not a place to continue your reading. Also, if I'm busy on another call I may never be able to answer your follow up. Please do not leave a review saying I didn't clarify because I likely did not have the chance to do so. If I'm able (not taken by other readings, I'm happy to answer 2 clarifying questions for readings that are 5 minutes or more. ⚠️Do not choose me if you're going to comment negatively about my rate. When you pick me, you're going into the reading knowing my rate. This is an exchange of energy so when you purchase this reading, you're agreeing to that rate. ⚠️NO yes/no QUESTIONS... example, "is he thinking about me", "will he contact me". I understand you want to know this but the messages that come forward will likely be about the blockages you or your POI are facing. ⚠️If you're a repeat client I really appreciate you! However if nothing has changed from your previous reading, there may not be anything new to report in another reading about the same topic. ⚠️ If you ask a general question I will pull cards and tell you what comes up. ⚠️Do not ask "when" questions as timing is fluid. ⚠️Do not ask about intimacy between other people. Spirit doesn't snoop like that. ⚠️I don't have a crystal ball and cannot get physical characteristics of your future person. ⚠️ONE TOPIC FOR 3 MIN VIDEOS (i.e. you may have 2 questions about your love life, but then don't ask about career in one order). ⚠️Per Purple Ocean policies, no questions about health, pregnancy or legal issues ⚠️I also can't answer job, test or school interview outcomes. There are too many factors that go into this and basically it is a yes/no question. ⚠️If you think I'm ever giving advice, please know that everything I say is channeled. For example, if I tell you communication needs to be improved, or it feels best to avoid that situation... I'm not giving you my personal feelings on anything, just intuited/psychic information. If you give a negative review stating "it sounded like advice", I'll kindly ask you to read through my bio. It would be unethical of me to give you advice. ⚠️Please don't comment "??" if I don't answer you right away. I have a family and work quite a bit so will get to you when I'm able. ☹☹If you leave a negative review I reserve the right to not read for you again. This is an exchange of energy. 🔴FOR CHATS🔴... YOU WILL NOT GET MUCH INFO IN A 5 MINUTE READING, PLEASE DON'T LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW WITH ONLY 5 MINUTES AS THAT'S TRULY NOT FAIR 💕💕😇😇 Hello lovely people, I hope you are staying healthy and safe in light of these times. 🙏💜 I am happy to work with you and so glad you're here. I ask for specific questions as vague ones will elicit vague answers. If you ask, "what will happen with...", without any background, know that a vague response will be the answer. Giving me a bit of background will give you a much more accurate and clear reading. Please give a minimum of 2 sentences about your situation. For 3 minute videos, uploading a video of yourself will help me tune into your energy immediately. TWO follow up questions will be answered as long as they're truly for clarification. New questions can be asked in a new order please. Timing is tricky and I say that in EVERY reading. Please do not leave a negative review because the timing didn't happen. There's free will involved so it is impossible to know.


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